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Cold Trap



Efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances discharged from vacuum oven and rotary evaporator to protect the vacuum pump


  • Excellent choice to extract acid and organic solvents with the optional glass condenser
  • Efficiently reduces vapor inhalation amount to the vacuum pump
  • Can be used as a low temperature tank as well as pre-cooling tank
  • Utilizes R404A (CA301) and R600a and mixed coolants (CA801)
  • Space saving and highly mobile on wheels
MethodDirect trap or Glass trap (optional)
Dehumidifying capacityMax. 0.9kg (Water type liquid)Max. 1.0kg (Water type liquid)
Max. low temperature-45°C-85°C
RefrigeratorAir cooling, 400WAir cooling, 350W x 2
RefrigerantR404AR600a, Mixed coolant
Cooling coilID ø90 mm SUS304Installed at tank periphery
LidOD ø17.6 mm with nozzle, SUS304
Bath shape / materialCylindrical / SUS304
Ambient temperature range5~35°C5~30°C
Temperature display7 segment LED
Temperature sensorPlatinum resistance temperature detector Pt100Ω
Defrosting mechanismN/AHot gas bypass
Safety deviceElectric leakage breaker with over current protection, refrigeration overload relayElectric leakage breaker with over current protection, refrigeration overload relay, refrigerator delay timer, refrigerator high voltage error, sensor disconnection error
Sink dimensionsI.D.153 x H235 mm
Internal capacity~4L (Liquid 3L)
Power source 50/60HzAC115V 5AAC115V 8.5A AC220V 4.5A
External dimension WxDxH345x475x726 mm405x500x850 mm
Accessories-Casters fixing holder x 4


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