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Conveyor Drying Oven



Fully automatic conveyor drying oven with program operation function

Performance and functions

  • Use for thermal treatment during electronic component production process
  • Installed with a conveyor to improve efficiency of thermal treatment
  • Adjustable conveyor speed with the ability to set multiple treatment processes
  • Program operation function
  • Equipped with a frequency converter, beacon, infrared switch, etc.
  • Equipped with safety devices such as auto overheat protector, overheat protector, emergency stop switch, conveyor overload protection, over-current earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.
Temp. rangeRoom temp. +20~80°C
Temp. distribution accuracy±10°C (at 80°C)
Temp. rising time15min (Room temp.→80°C)
Operation functionFixed temp., program operation
Conveyor speed0.035-0.35m/min
Conveyor length1100mm
Inlet and outlet dimensionW400×H65mm
Power source3 phase AC380V

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