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Labo Cube Water Purifier



Yamato’s Labo Cube WL320 water purifier is space saving and can be installed under a fume hood or sink, or on a table. It comes with rubber legs (WL320A) or movable casters (WL320B). Standard equipped with membrane filter at the sampling port of the one touch coupler connecting resin hose. A water leakage detector forcefully shuts off the feed water solenoid valve when water leakage is detected. It displays alerts for consumable replacements and keeps track of replacement history. The Labo Cube® WL series continuously produces ASTM type 2 deionized water.


  • Deionized water compliant with ASTM D1193 Type2 / JIS K 0557 A4 level, suitable for high sensitivity trace analysis
  • Easy operating digital display
  • Standard equipped with membrane filter at water feeding port
  • Equipped with water leak detection function that stops water supply in case water leak occurs, by activating the electric leakage breaker
  • Displays replacement of consumables
TypeBenchtopBuilt-in caster
Purified waterDeionized water ASTM D 1193 Type2 / JIS K 0557 A4
Water purifying methodIon-exchange
Water feedingOne touch coupler connecting resin hose
Deionized water delivery rate~1L/min (continuously)
Pre-treatment cartridge0.1μm hollow fiber + activated carbon (PWF-1)
Ion-exchange resin cartridgeIon-exchange cartridge (CPC-N) 3Lx2
Leakage detectionWater leakage detector forcefully shuts off feed water solenoid valve when water leakage detected
Ion-exchange water delivery portWater sampling stand
Raw water pressure range0.5~5x100kPa (0.5~5kgf / cm²)
Power sourceAC100~240V <0.2A
External dimensions*W400xD320xH600mm
WeightMain unit: ~30kg, water sampling stand: 5kg
Water quality displayLED digital display (conductivity / resistivity)
Other displayReplacement of consumables (pre-treatment cartridge, ion-exchange resin, membrane filter), alarm indication (water leakage)
AccessoriesWater supply hose, pre-treatment cartridge, ion-exchange cartridge CPC-N, membrane filter, water sampling stand, purified water sampling hose
LegsRubber legsMovable caster

* Protrusions not included


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