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Auto Still® Water Purifier



Yamato’s economical and large capacity multi-purpose Auto Still® water purifiers offer a fully automated water purifying process. A microprocessor auto-controls all steps from supplying of water, ion exchange and distillation to storage. The WA series produces ASTM type 1 deionized water and type 4 distilled water kept in the 60L storage tank. High safety standards are maintained with various safety features.


  • ASTM D1193 Type1 / JIS K 0557 A4 level high purity water with reduced TOC value
  • Employs microprocessor which automatically controls all processes from supplying of water, ion exchange and distillation to storage
  • Equipped with high performance pre-treatment cartridge (activated charcoal + 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane) for high quality water
  • Standard equipped with 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane filter at water sampling ports which protects pure water delivery from contamination
  • Initial distilled water drainage, automatic boiler cleaning and drainage device for stable quality of distilled water
  • Safety device includes low-water boiling prevention, overheat prevention, water leak detector, earth leakage circuit breaker
Water purifying methodDistillation→ion-exchange→filtration
Purified waterDistilled water / deionized water
Distilled water production~5L/h~10L/h
Pure water delivery rateDistilled water: ~1.4/1.6L/min (50/60Hz)
Deionized water: ~1.4/1.5L/min (50/60Hz)
DistillerBoilerStainless steel (SUS304)
CondenserStainless steel (SUS304)
Pipe heater1.9kW x 22.55kW x 3
Distilled water storage tank60L Polyethylene tank
Raw water filterPre-treatment cartridge (activated charcoal + 0.1µm hollow fiber membrane)
Pure water filterMembrane filter (MFRL730) (0.1µm hollow fiber membrane)
Ion-exchange cartridgeOne-touch fitting cartridge (CPC-N) (Mixed bed, resin 3L)
Water quality displayAutomatic temperature compensation, digital display
Switchable between electrical conductivity and resistivity
0.05~300 x 10⁻⁴ S/m (0.05~300µs/cm)·25°C (Electrical conductivity display)
0.1~18 x10 4 Ω·m (0.1~18MΩ·cm)·25°C (Resistivity display) (display resistivity by 1~18 integer numbers)
Distilled water level indication5 levels by LED display
Setting range of production0.1~99.9L (0.1L unit)
Water feeding pumpMagnet pump
Raw water pressure range1~5 x 100kPa (1~5kgf/cm²)
Power source (50/60Hz)Single phase AC220V, 17.5AThree phase AC220V, 18A
External dimensions *W903 x D603 x H1430mm
AccessoriesSupply / drain water hoses, pre-treatment cartridge, ion-exchange resin cartridge, membrane filter

* Protrusions not included.


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