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Steam Sterilizer



High performance, easy  operation and ergonomically designed sterilizers featuring easy top loading and handling of samples

Operation and functions

  • Maximum sterilizing temperature goes up to 135°C suitable for protein modification
  • By simple setting and operation, these sterilizers manage ordinary sterilization, sterilization of culture mediums and liquids, and melting of culture mediums
  • Custom programs can be saved for repeated use
  • Standard equipped with timer start and pre-heating features for efficient use of time and cooling fan to shorten cool down time
  • Mobile on wheels

Increased Safety Features

  • Lid interlock mechanism
  • Drain bottle unset alarm
  • Memory malfunction
  • Automatic shutdown when malfunction
  • Self-diagnostic functions
SystemAutomatic high-pressure steam sterilization
Operating temp. range45~135°C
Max. working pressure0.255MPa
Ambient temperature5~35°C
LidManual upward opening with an interlock for safety
Heater1000W x 2 units
Exhaust valveOne exhaust valve and one slow release valve
Connection ports for optional accessoriesTotal 3 ports. Female thread for sample temp. sensor (1/4" ), Female thread for chamber temp. sensor (1/4" ), Female thread pressure sensor (branching from the solenoid valve tubing)
Cooling fanAxial fan motor
Temp. controllerPID control by microprocessor
Temp. display / settingDigital display / digital setting by ▲▼ keys
Timer / Timer resolution0 or 1 min. to 99 hrs 59 min. / 1 minute
Operation modeInstrument sterilization course, liquid sterilization course, sterilization and keep warm course, melting and keep warm course, customer-programmed course
Other featuresKey locking, presetting, saving, preheating, forced cooling, sample temperature sensor (option), pattern locking, up to 20 error log saving, display of accumulated working time / present time, ON-OFF beeping setting
Safety deviceSensor failure detection, SSR short-circuit, broken heater wire, prevention of idle heating (liquid expansion type), alarm against the absence of a drain bottle, failure in locking the lid, memory error detection, pressure relief valve (0.255 MPa)
External dimensions
520 x 660 x 881 mm WxDxH520 x 660 x 1161 mm WxDxH
Internal dimensions of chamber ø370 x D470 mmø370 x D750 mm
Internal capacity50L80L
Power sourceAC100~120V (24.5~20.5A) (no plug, round terminal)
AC200~240V (12.5~10.5A) (no plug, round terminal)
AC200~240V (12.5~10.5A) (no plug, round terminal)
Accessories2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (ø332xD195.5mm), OSQ903 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (ø332xD195.5mm), OSQ90
Vapor cup x 1, Drain bottle x 1, Drain board x 1, Chemical indicator 1 set (30 pieces), Filter x 1

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