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Large Vacuum Drying Oven



Large scale vacuum drying oven designed for treatment of large-sized parts

Performance and functions

  • Vacuum pump can be installed inside the oven
  • Quick connect / disconnect of vacuum pipes for easy vacuum pump maintenance
  • Because the exhaust system is improved to significantly shorten the time to reach vacuum, working efficiency is improved.
  • Use specialized function menu key and ▲▼ key to set. With program operation function, use submenu key to operate overheat protector, deviation correction, etc.

Safety features

  • Self-diagnostic functions (abnormal temperature sensor, heater disconnection, auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit), overheat protector, ELB to prevent overcurrent, key lock, etc.
  • For safety, resin protection panel is installed at the observation window
MethodDecompression • chamber wall heating
Operating temp. range40~200°C
Operating vacuum range101~0.1kPa (760~1Torr)
Temp. adjustment accuracy±1.0°C (at 200°C)
InteriorStainless steel plate
ExteriorCold rolled steel plate with chemical proofing coating
Insulating materialGlass fiber
Heating methodDecompressed chamber wall direct heating
Heater power6.5kW14.4kW
Observation windowToughened glass + resin protection panel
Vacuum gaugePointer type, -100~0kPa
Vacuum pump installation roomYes
Temp. control3 segments PID
Temp. settingUse specialized function menu key and up/down key to set
Temp. displayMeasured temp. display: green 4-digit LED digital display
Setting temp. display: red 4-digit LED digital display
Timer1min-99 hr 59 min and 100 hr-999 hr 50 min (attached with timing wait function)
Operation functionFixed temp. auto start, auto stop, program operation
Program modeProgram operation 3 segments 30 steps (30 steps×1, 15 steps×2, 10 steps×3)
Additional functionDeviation correction, key lock, power outage compensation
Heater circuit controlSSR driving
SensorK thermocouple (temp. controller and overheat protector)
Safety deviceSelf-diagnosis circuit (abnormal temp. sensing, heater disconnection, auto overheat prevention, SSR short circuit), overheat protector, EBL to prevent overcurrent, key lock, etc.
Internal dimensions W×D×H800×800×800 mm 1000×1000×1000 mm
External dimensions W×D×H1020×1020×1850 mm1300×1280×2110 mm
Internal capacity512L1000L
Air exhaust portNW40 flange
Air suction portRc 3/8
Power source (50/60Hz) rated currentAC220V 31.5A (no plug, round terminal)3 phase AC380V 27A (no plug, round terminal)
AccessoriesStainless steel punching plates, 2 pcs.Stainless steel punching plates, 4 pcs.
OptionalShelf plate, vacuum pump, N₂ introduction device, recorder, alarm indicator lamp (stand-by/running/malfunction), external communication (RS485), temp. output terminal (4~20mA), Output terminal for external alarm, time up output terminal

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