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Water Bath



Benchtop low constant temperature water bath at 8L/13L capacity with an operating temperature range of -10~80°C

Performance and functions

  • Precision control with temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.1°C
  • More applications available with larger tank space
  • Internal / External Circulation can be changed easily
  • Shelf height is 2 stage adjustable for different flask sizes
  • Standard equipped with auto stop, auto start, RS485 communication function, temperature output terminal (4~20mA)
  • Enhanced safety features includes self diagnostic function, over-current circuit breaker, refrigerator overload relay, empty boiling prevention float switch, refrigerator protection delay timer function
SystemPump circulation cooling / external circulation system
Temperature control range *¹-10~+80°C (at room temperature 20°C)
Temperature adjustment accuracy *¹±0.1°C
Temperature distribution accuracy *¹±0.3°C
Cooling capacity *¹~370W (320Kcal/h) (at liquid temp. 15°C)~410W (350Kcal/h) (at liquid temp. 15°C)
Ambient temperature *¹5~30°C
Temperature controlPID control
Operation functionFix temperature, Auto stop, Auto start
Temperature sensorDouble sensor: Pt100Ω (for temp. control) and K-thermocouple (for overheat prevention device)
Refrigerator / coolant160W Air-cooled fully closed compressor R134A300W Air-cooling sealed rotary R404A
Circulation methodMagnet pump circulation
Circulation system capacity (50/60 Hz)Maximum flow rate (pump capacity): 3.7/4.7L/min. (11.0/12.0L/min.)
Maximum pump head (pump capacity): 1.0/1.5m (1.5/2.1m)
Safety deviceEarth leakage breaker, refrigerator overload relay protecting circuit, refrigerator pressure detection, empty boiling prevention float switch, delay timer for refrigerator protection, overheating prevention device, power failure protection function, key lock function
Other functionDrain port, condenser filter, RS485 communication function, temperature output terminal, refrigerator pressure switch indicator, calibration offset
Bath dimensions *²W300 x D150 x H177.5
(Effective dimensions 238 x 100 x 85mm)
W300 x D240 x H177.5
(Effective dimensions 238 x 190 x 85mm)
Internal (effective) capacity8 (6.95) L13 (11.5) L
External dimensions *²W500 x D530 x H500mm
(water bath height 330mm)
W502 x D603 x H500mm
(water bath height 330mm)
Power source (50/60Hz)AC115V 8A / 220V 4AAC115V 11A / 220V 6A
AccessoriesBottom shelf 1 pc., lid, drain hose 0.5m 1pc., over flow hose 0.5m 1pc.

*1. Performance data tested at RT20°C, no load, rated power 50Hz, performance might vary in different conditions
*2. Projections not included
Note: Refrigerator turns OFF when setting temperature higher than 40.1°C.


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