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Sirocco Fan



FRPP Central Discharge Direct Drive Sirocco Fan with Universal Motor


  • Standardized central discharge
    Provides central discharge in only one direction (clockwise). Moreover, number of rotating discharge direction is limited to three, compared with six for conventional models. This eliminates troublesome selection of discharge direction and simplifies duct arrangement
  • Ease of maintenance
    Includes an easily removable suction cone that allows impeller to be easily removed by simply removing the suction side duct. This simplifies checking of the casing interior
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
    Standard casing and impeller are manufactured with injection-molded FRPP featuring excellent chemical resistance and high dimensional accuracy
  • Greatly reduced maintenance
    Direct drive type has no V-belt and no bearings, the only rotating parts are the motor and impeller. No maintenance is required for mechanical parts such as belts and bearings, which significantly reduces labor for facility monitoring.
  • Identical circular flange suction and discharge ducts
    To simplify duct piping, both suction and discharge flanges were made with identical dimensions corresponding to existing regulations


  • As a corrosive gas fan/blower in a chemical or pharmaceutical plant
  • As a draft chamber fan/blower in a chemical laboratory treating various gases
  • As a fan/blower in biotechnology research laboratory or experimental semiconductor laboratory
  • As a fan/blower in kitchen facilities
  • As an odorous gas fan/blower in a sewage treatment facility
  • As a fan/blower to eliminate coastal salt pollution
Target gas temperature-10~50°C
StructureImpellerMultiple blade
Shaft sealFree gland
Drain plugPlug PF1/2" screw
MaterialImpellerFRPP (Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene resin)
CasingFRPP (Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene resin)
Main shaftS45C
Discharge direction3 directions
Standard colorCasingJapan Paint Manufacturers Association color number S31-513 (1993 edition)
Belt guard
(not attached)
Base plateMelted zinc plating color

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