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Steam Sterilizer with Dryer



High performance, fully automatic sterilization from start to finish with high pressure steam sterilization and drying steps

Operation and functions

  • Automatic operations from sterilization to drying carried out with an interactive key input system
  • Quick sample drying capability makes samples ready to use right after sterilization
  • Drying temperature can be set according to sample material, quantity, etc.
  • Timer range from 1~999 hours
  • Drain bottle water level can be quickly confirmed on the front panel level indicator
  • Drain valve located in front for easy access
  • Absence of protrusions in sterilization chamber makes insertion & removal of baskets, and other items quick and easy
  • Self-diagnostic functions make operation safer and error recovery quicker
  • Condensation collector neutralizes high temperature exhaust steam safely

SystemAutomatic high pressure steam sterilization
Operating temperature Sterilization105 to 123°C105 to 128°C
Operating temperature Drying150 to 180°C
Maximum pressure capacity0.18MPa0.2MPa
InteriorStainless steel
Heater Sterilization1.3kW1.7kW1.7kW (SM501)
2.0kW (SM511)
Heater Drying1.0kW1.5kW
Temp. controllerPID control by microprocessor
Temp. displayDigital display by green LED and setting via ▲▼ keys
Timer / Timer resolution1 min. ~ 99 hrs. and 59 min. 100~ 999 hrs. / 1 min. or 1 hr.
Safety DeviceSelf-diagnostic functions (detection sensor error, SSR short circuit, heater disconnect, faulty main relay, dry operation), safety valve, electric leakage breaker, drain bottle set-fail switch
Internal dimensions ⌀240 x D445 mm⌀300 x D445 mm⌀300 x D665 mm
External dimensions WxDxH410 x 470 x 957 mm440 x 530 x 968 mm440 x 530 x 1088 mm
Internal capacity20L32L47L
Power source
(50/60Hz single phase)
AC115V 13A
AC220V 7A
AC115V 17.5A
AC220V 9.5A
AC115V 15A
AC220V 9.5A
Accessories2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (⌀205 x D204 mm), OSM-602 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (⌀262 x D204 mm), OSM-702 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (⌀262 x D315 mm), OSM-80
Drain board, chemical indicator strips (30 strips), drain bottle, condensation collection container with magnetic bracket

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Sterilizer Overview

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Sterilizer Accessories

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