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Pure Line® Water Purifier



Yamato’s Pure Line® economical and space saving benchtop WL series water purifier connects directly to tap water. Deionized purified  ASTM type 2 water is continuously produced. The WL220T is additionally equipped with constant temperature control and has a 3L pure water tank. All units come standard with a membrane filter at the sampling port and a solenoid valve that prevents water leakage from final membrane filter. It displays alerts for consumable replacements and keeps track of replacement history.

Performance and functions

  • Collecting deionized water is as simple as connecting to a faucet
  • Benchtop, space-saving design
  • Digital display for easy operation
  • Deionized water compliant with ASTM D1193 Type 2 / JIS K 0557 A3 level, suitable for trace analysis
  • Displays replacement of consumables
  • Standard equipped with membrane filter (WL200/220)
  • A solenoid valve at the water sampling port prevents water leakage from final membrane filter
  • WL220T is equipped with constant temperature control and pure water tank. Constant temperature and deionized water delivery to pure water tank controlled by electromagnetic valve
Water purifying methodIon-exchange (controlled by key)Ion-exchange (manual)
Raw water supplyOne touch coupler water connection resin hose
Deionized water production~1L/min. (continuously produced)~1L/min. (by natural fall)
Ion-exchange resin cartridge2L ion-exchange resin with activated carbon (CPC-P) x 1pc.2L ion-exchange resin with activated carbon (CPC-P) x 1pc. 2L ion-exchange resin (CPC-E) x 1pc.
Final filtration0.1µm (membrane filter)N/A
Pure water tankN/A3L polyethylene tank
Water leakage detectionSolenoid valve forced shutdown of water supply by detecting water leakage
Raw water pressure range0.5~5x100kPa (0.5~5 kgf/cm²)
Sampling port250mm above floor RC1/4 (membrane filter connection)ø9 nipple (hose connection)
Safety deviceCircuit breaker, water leakage indicator, pressure reducing valve, water quality abnormal alarm
Power source (50/60Hz)AC100~240V <0.2A
External dimensions*W350xD350xH450mm
Water quality display7 segments LED display (conductivity / resistivity)
Other displayDisplay of consumables replacement (CPC-P and CPC-E: should be replaced simultaneously to prevent degradation of water quality, membrane filter), alarm display (water leakage alarm)
AccessoriesRaw water supply hose, power cord (2m), Ion-exchange resin CPC-P (WL200 only), Ion-exchange resin CPC-P+CPC-E (WL220/ WL220T), membrane filter (WL200/220), Y-shaped water supply hose with strainer 4m (WL220T), constant temperature and humidity chamber hose ø9xø13 3m (WL220T), hook (WL220T), seal tape

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