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And the survey says…

Round 1

Most lab ovens are expected to last between 10 and 12 years. 

Yamato Scientific manufactures close to 100 high quality ovens priced notably better than competing models by other manufacturers. And they’re built to last longer. We still field calls about replacement parts for ovens manufactured as long as 20 years ago.

Lab ovens are used for endless applications, from drying food samples to curing microchips.

What are labs using our Methuselah-ovens for today?

We surveyed 145 Yamato customers.

Top 5 answers on the board. 

The question is, “What do you use your Yamato ovens for?”

Forced convection ovens continue to be the most requested type of oven, followed by vacuum ovens. 


Below are the top 5 oven models across all oven categories based on total quantity sold.

Do you need a special oven? Yamato is an expert in customization. In our 130+ years manufacturing lab ovens, we’ve encountered hundreds of unique requests for modification to meet specific requirements and applications. 

A few examples of retrofits we perform often are:

    • Cable port
    • Exhaust duct
    • Temperature output terminal
    • N2 gas introduction device
    • Ovens without dividers
    • Ovens with reinforced shelves

We never say “no.” We say “let’s try!” 

Please contact our technical support team for any customization.

Round 2

We surveyed 103 Yamato customers, top 4 answers on the board. 

The question is, “What application do you use your sterilizers for?”

Yamato compact and portable sterilizers are ideal for any laboratory where space and budget are limited. 

Smooth-rolling casters and no plumbing required allow easy mobility from lab to lab. Top-mounted stainless-steel opening is ideal for optimal space saving. It also makes loading and unloading your samples effortless.

Yamato sterilizers are everywhere … in universities, pharmaceutical QC and R&D, biotech, life science, and clinical laboratories. Based on 2021 sales, most Yamato customers prefer autoclaves with no drying function.

Here are the top 5 models:

Can Yamato also retrofit its sterilizers? Yes, we can retrofit to meet your needs. If you’d like to hear more about our retrofitting capabilities, please call 1-800-292-6286.

Whether you are considering making a purchase or still need to do more research, Yamato Scientific America is here to help. You can reach us at