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Product Brochures  

Product Catalog, Overview & Posters


PiCOEXPLORER Photo Absorbance Meter


BM Series Water Bath

BS Series Water Bath

BK/BA Series Water Bath

BH Series Water Bath

BBL Series Water Bath

BF Series Temp. Control Device

BE Series Temp. Control Device

BO Series Oil Bath


BOA Series Oil Bath

Customized Industrial Products

Customized Industrial Products Catalog

Data Loggers

WBV Wi-Fi Network Bridge

Freeze Dryers

DC401/801 Freeze Dryer

Freezers & Refrigerators

LTF Series Low Temperature Freezer

LTF Platinum Series Low Temperature Freezer

ULF Series Ultra Low Freezer

ULF Platinum Series Ultra Low Freezer

YK205ULT Ultra Low Freezer

SLF Series Laboratory Freezer

UCF Series Undercounter & Countertop Freezer

SLR Series Laboratory Refrigerator

UCR Series Undercounter & Countertop Refrigerator

RFC Series Laboratory Freezer – Refrigerator Combination

Glassware Washers

AW47 Semi-Automatic Glassware Washer

AW62 Fully-Automatic Glassware Washer

Glove Boxes

SG Compact Glove Box

AC Series Anaerobic Chamber 


IC Series Incubator

IN Series Incubator

INE Series Incubator

Laboratory Furniture

MS/MV Series Fume Hood

LDS Series Fume Hood

ADS Series Clean Bench

AHS Series Clean Bench

CRF3 Scrubber

Muffle Furnaces

FO Series Muffle Furnace

FP Series Muffle Furnace


DX Series Natural Convection Oven

DVS Series Natural Convection Oven

DR Series Natural Convection Oven

DG Series Natural Convection Oven

DKM Series Forced Convection Oven

DKN Series Forced Convection Oven

DNE Series Forced Convection Oven

DNF Series Forced Convection Oven

DF412/612 DH412/612 Fine Oven

DF832/1032 DH832/1032 Fine Oven

ADP Series Vacuum Oven

DP43C/63C Series Vacuum Oven

DP83C/104C Series Vacuum Oven

Ref. GLD Vacuum Pump

DN Series Inert Oven

DE411/611 DT411/611

DES/DTS830 Clean Oven

Oven Accessories

PCR Workstations

PCR Series PCR Workstation

Plasma Cleaners

PDC200/210/510 Gas Plasma Dry Cleaner

PDC610 Gas Plasma Dry Cleaner

PR200/300/301 Gas Plasma Reactor

PR500/510 Gas Plasma Reactor

Rotary Evaporators

RE202/212 Rotary Evaporator

RE301 Rotary Evaporator

RE601/801 Rotary Evaporator

Ref. DTC Vacuum Pump

Spray Dryers

ADL311SA Spray Dryer

GB210A Spray Dryer

GB210B Spray Dryer

DL410 Spray Dryer

GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery Unit

GWS410 Organic Solvent Washing Unit

Spray Dryer Accessories

Spray Dryer Article


SK101C/111C Sterilizer

SK200C/210C/300C/310C Sterilizer

SK102C/112C/201C/211C/301C/311C Sterilizer

SN Series Sterilizer

SQ Series Sterilizer

SQL Series Sterilizer

SM201/211/301/311/501/511 Sterilizer

SM520/530/820/830 Sterilizer

SI Series Dry Sterilizer

SK401/601/801/811 Sterilizer

Sterilizer Accessories

Stirrers and Shakers

LM Series Flask Mixer

MH/MG Series Magnetic Stirrer

LT / LR Series Stirrer

Laboratory Stirrer Accessories

MB800 Magnetic Stirrer

AREC Magnetic Stirrer

MK161 Shaker

MK201D Shaker

SA Series Shaker

UB32 Universal Ball Mill

Vented Balance Enclosures

VBE Series Vented Balance Enclosures 

Water Circulators  & Cold Traps

CB100 Benchtop Water Circulator (Chiller)

CF Series Water Circulator (Chiller)

CA Series Cold Trap

Water Purification Systems

WG252/1012 Water Purifier

WG205 Water Purifier

WA511/711/731 Water Purifier

WS201/221 Water Purifier

WE200 Water Purifier

WL200/220/220T Water Purifier

WL100 Water Purifier

WL320A/320B Water Purifier

WA300 Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

WB Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

WC Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

WG Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

WA200/400 Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

WH Series Auto Pure Water Purifier

HPL-RO Reverse Osmosis Pre-treatment