Auto Pure Type 1 Water Purification System

Nothing but high purity water.

Minerals, particulates, and bacteria—they can’t get past Yamato’s Auto Pure Water Purification Systems. All of our water purification system product lines make this possible through a sophisticated staged purifying process. We have six high-performing series in this line.

  • WA Series: Type 1 Ultrapure, Analytical
  • WB Series: Type 1 Ultrapure, Biological
  • WC Series: Type 1 Ultrapure, Analytical, Low TOC
  • WG Series: Type 1 Ultrapure, Biological, Low TOC
  • WA Series: Type 1 Ultrapure, Economical
  • WH Series: Type 2 & 3 Three-Stage Lab Water Purification System

Our top-of-the-line water purification system series, WA, WB, WC, and WG, use premium-quality ion exchange resins to remove particulates. These resins result in an elaborate stage filtration process with a rejection rate of more than 93% of total dissolved solids. Not only that but in the final stage, a filter removes bacteria to produce Type I deionized water.Meanwhile, if you lack space but don’t want to compromise quality, our WA, WB, WC, WG, and WA400/200 series will solve your problem. Normally these can be placed on the table and countertop. If space is limited, they can be wall-mounted or placed under the sink. Its remote set up allows the convenience of fitting them in available spaces.Our WH water purification systems, meanwhile, are pre-assembled cartridge systems suitable for low-cost operations. They purify water in a three-stage filtration process, which can supply you with Type II and Type III water.

As you can see, you can expect a highly sophisticated filtration process in our Auto Pure Water Purification Systems. We can guarantee that you will get purity in every drop.

Best features of Auto Pure Water Purification Systems

Auto Pure WA series, WB series, WC series, and WG series

  • Low ownership cost
  • Produces Type I deionized water
  • Premium-quality ion exchange resin
  • Quick to change, no-tool cartridge design
  • Intuitive, user-friendly touch screen interface
  • Compact design with remote dispense option
  • Real-time quality monitoring with leak detection
  • 2.5 LPM* of 18 MΩ Type 1 reagent water on demand
  • Collects large volumes of water but low-cost consumable cartridges

Auto Pure WA Type 1 Ultrapure Analytical

  • Low operating cost
  • 4.0 LPM* of 18 MΩ water
  • Variety of options available
  • Produces Type I deionized water
  • Easy cartridge replacement, no tools needed
  • Compact design, can be wall-mounted or freestanding
  • Intuitive, touch screen for programmable water dispensing
  • The fully recirculating flow of water ensures quality water upon dispensing

Auto Pure WH Type 2 & 3 Three-Stage Water Purification System

  • Low-cost DI water production
  • Produces Type II and III deionized water
  • Turn-key system for low-cost, on-demand service
  • Available in 2-1/2″ and 4/1/2″ diameter configurations
  • Available in high-purity and high-capacity configurations
  • Resistivity light included for visual indication of cartridge replacement
  • Comes with an outlet isolation valve, a spanner wrench, and an associated tubing

Lab Water Purification Systems

Solutions are sensitive to contaminants, so any imbalance in the mixture invalidates the results of your experiment. Impure water contains contaminants that pose risks. As a result, water should undergo a purification process to reach a certain level of purity. Our lab water purification systems here at Yamato can help you produce ASTM Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 water quality. Besides that, our lab water purification systems can help you with the following applications:

Buffers and reagents

A buffer corrects the pH level of any solution. On the other hand, a reagent stimulates a reaction to detect the absence or presence of other substances. Both solutions are prepared by dissolving solid reagents in pure water that are free from any substances that affect the acidity or pH level of the solutions.

Since water is a major solvent involved in creating these solutions, a deionized water system for laboratories is necessary to produce water with high levels of purity. The Yamato Auto Pure WA300 series water purification systems can remove dissolved minerals through high-purity ion exchange resins to process high-quality pure water, which is ideal for preparing both solutions.

Cell culture

Normal water contains compounds that affect cell culture which includes bacteria, endotoxin, organic ions, and organic compounds. These contaminants can cause chemical reactions, changes in pH levels, and disrupt or kill various cells.

Moreover, water is also used in producing buffers and rinsing bioreactors and other materials. Therefore, producing laboratory grade water is necessary. This is usually achieved using Yamato Auto Pure WB300 series water purification systems. These units are great in removing bacteria and particulates to reach type 1 water quality, the highest level of purity in water.

Reverse osmosis

In order to make Type 1 or Type 2 water, feed water quality is important. Reverse osmosis is used as pretreatment of raw water just before feeding it to water purifiers which can produce Type1 or Type 2 water.


Traditional method of producing purified water is distillation, which is the process of separating liquid mixtures through condensation. Academia and certain applications require the heat treated distilled water. Yamato Auto Still series water purifiers can produce distilled water.