Compact Glove Boxes

Compact Glove Boxes

Our compact glove boxes are designed to create the standard environment conducive for your oxygen-sensitive samples. Furthermore, they are also used for product containment and general isolation. All models are completed systems, nothing needs to be added except gas of choice: nitrogen, argon or other inert gases. You can use our anaerobic chambers for the following applications:

Cell Culture

Cell culture is the process of culturing bacterial cells under controlled conditions. An example is culturing animal cells to produce viruses to understand their biological functions, which will then be used to create vaccines. Anaerobic organisms, however, don’t grow and even die if oxygen is present. Hence, a glove box for bacteria is necessary to create an environment that is oxygen-free.

Product Containment

Compact Glove Boxes are also used in containing products such as biohazardous materials to reduce or eliminate the exposure of lab technicians to these hazardous agents. Samples that need containment are usually pathogenic, which means leakage from the chambers can cause dire consequences.

General Isolation

Another use of glove boxes is to isolate anaerobe from other clinical materials. The anaerobes are then cultured into an anaerobic jar. This isolation jar is oxygen-free as a result of a method called anaerobic chamber gas pack.