Esterilizadores de Laboratorio de Calor Seco

Yamato lleva unidades económicas de esterilizador en seco que se ofrecen en flujos de aire de convección natural y convección forzada con el SI & #038; Esterilizador seco serie SK. El equipo esterilizador seco de Yamato & #8217 no es corrosivo y le permite esterilizar muestras sensibles a la humedad como polvos, aceites y grasas sin dañarlos. Además, los esterilizadores de calor seco Yamato no son tóxicos, por lo que no tendrá que preocuparse por las sustancias nocivas que se desechan en el medio ambiente. Los sistemas de esterilización en seco de Yamato son fáciles de instalar y están diseñados con una construcción ergonómica optimizada. Con características altamente funcionales y #038; El diseño orientado al usuario, los esterilizadores en seco forzado de la serie SK de Yamato y los esterilizadores en seco naturales SI le permiten facilitar una excelente esterilización de muestras al tiempo que le permite ahorrar dinero con costos operativos y de mantenimiento relativamente más bajos.

Steam Sterilizers

Steam sterilization is the most widely used and most dependable method in industries, from pharmaceutical to food production. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, and highly effective in killing microorganisms and fungal spores. Furthermore, steam can penetrate fabrics easily. Our steam sterilizers can help you disinfect lab, medical, or dental equipment.

Steam Sterilizable Respiratory Therapy Equipment

Sterilizers used in hospitals are highly important as these keep the risk for contamination at bay especially respiratory therapy equipment, which are considered as semi-critical items because of their frequent contact with non-intact skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, these should be cleaned and disinfected.

While chemical germicides such as stabilized 6% hydrogen peroxide and 2% glutaraldehyde-based formulations are essential in disinfecting equipment, physical methods of disinfection like pasteurization and steam sterilization are ideal for disinfecting equipment.

Yamato’s Lab Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves are not only compact and space-saving, but they are also great for disinfecting tubing of mechanical ventilators for example.

Small Medical Instruments

It is also crucial to keep small instruments such as syringes, needles, cannulas, and even forceps as sterile as possible. With the use of autoclaves, you can effectively ensure the destruction of all microorganisms through the application of heat and pressure on equipment. However, you must make sure that these are non-plastic as temperatures could potentially reach up to 135 °C.

Dental Instruments

Reusable dental instruments including those for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, drying, inspecting, wrapping, and sterilizing should be decontaminated as these are exposed to biological fluids like saliva and blood, which may potentially pose a health risk for the next subsequent patient when left unsterile.

That is why steam sterilizers are highly recommended because these are efficient, cost-effective, and incredibly safe for sterilizing instruments in primary care dental practices. Accordingly, instruments should be exposed to temperatures between 134 °C-137 °C and a 2.1-2.25 bar gauge pressure for a holding time of 3 minutes to ensure effectiveness.

Lab research equipment

Yamato steam sterilizers are suitable for lab applications in many industries such as pharmaceutical, life science, food safety, and water based lubricant and coolant industries. For these research laboratories, Yamato autoclaves can disinfect liquid samples as well as solid apparatus. With liquid samples, effective sterilization depends on achieving specific temperature, which requires variation on sterilization time. As an alternative, Yamato offers an optional sample temperature sensor inserted into the samples to ensure required temperature is reached eliminating sterilization time adjustment. This option is available for SN and SQ Series as well as SM Series Large Capacity Steam Sterilizers.

Yamato dry sterilizers are suitable for research as these are durable and non-corrosive. Therefore, you can sterilize samples without damaging moisture-sensitive materials including fat, oils, and powders. Furthermore, dry heat sterilizers like the Natural Convection Dry Sterilizers by Yamato are guaranteed toxic-free.