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Smart Robotic Lab Assistant*

| COMPANY | May 28, 2016 |

Our parent company, Yamato Scientific Co. Ltd., unveiled its latest instrument for the first time at ACHEMA in June 2015 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany and thereafter at Analytica in May 2016 at Messe Munchen, Germany. The Smart Robotic Lab Assistant performed live demonstrations at both events.

The Smart Robotic Lab Assistant is part of Yamato’s Laboratory Automation technology and it can perform conventional manual analysis work. Various technical works by the specialists may be replaced by this cutting edge technology resulting to consistent work quality, better accuracy and longer lasting continuous operation which is difficult and challenging for human beings. The entire system can be controlled by the computer. Specialists need only to decide and start the process.

Integrated system can cover operations such as distribution, measurement, post-processing, etc. and reports to terminals when error or alert issues happen. Optimal system configuration can be created according to customer’s application and operating conditions with consideration for safety, efficiency and reliability.

To learn more about Yamato latest innovation, watch the 2 short introduction videos Intro 1 and Intro 2 or a detailed video of the Yamato Smart Robotic Lab Assistant performing various laboratory tasks.

* Not yet available in the US market