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DNF410 - DNF411 Energy Saving & Air Velocity Controlled Forced Convection Ovens

Phased out:
Yamato DNF410
Upgrade to our new replacement product:
Yamato DNF411

Common Specifications:

  • Programmable
  • Internal capacity: 90L
  • Safety devices: Self-diagnostic functions (detection for sensor error, heater disconnect, triac short, faulty main relay, overheat prevention activation), keypad lock function, independent overheat prevention device, surge protective breaker
  • Internal dimensions: 450×450×450 mm (W×D×H)
  • External dimension: 580×645×860 mm (W×D×H)
  • Power source: 220V
  • Made in Japan

Old vs. New

Upgraded Product Specifications

ModelPhased-out Model DNF410Replacement Model DNF411
SystemForced convectionForced and natural convection
Air velocity control systemVariable 10 stages
(800 ~ 1500 rpm)
Variable 10 stages (600~1500 rpm) + Air speed level [0]
Controlled temperature rangeRT+10°C ~ 260°CRT +15°C ~ 260°C (forced convection
RT +25°C ~ 120°C (natural convection)
Temperature control accuracy± 0.5°C at 260°C± 0.3°C at 260°C (forced convection)
± 0.3°C at 120°C (natural convection)
Temperature distribution accuracy± 2.5°C at 260°C± 2.5°C at 260°C (forced convection)
± 3°C at 120°C (natural convection)
Temperature control deviceModel IVCRModel V for improved temperature control and added functions
Capacity / Number of heaters1.25 kW x 10.6kW x 2
Operation functionFixed temperature, Program operation (max. 32 steps, repeat operation), Auto start, Auto stopFixed temperature, Program operation (max.99 steps, up to 99 patterns repeat operation), Duration / time select timer operation function (fixed temperature operation, auto-start, auto-stop, quick auto stop, program operation auto start)
Additional functionsAccumulated power-on / operation time (up to 65535 hours), Clock timer (24-hr), Calibration offsetVariable wind speed function
Power on and Operation Time Integrating Function (up to 65,535 hours); Calibration Offset; Monitor Display of Integrated Power Consumption, Total CO2 Emission, and Heater operating Output; Power Recovery Mode; Save and Access of Operator’s Setting Information
Other enhancements of replacement modelHeater shape change for compatibility to a 2 way convection

Exhaust damper modified for increased ventilation efficiency

Door hinges changed to adjustable butterfly hinge to eliminate door seal gaps

For complete technical specifications of the phased-out model, contact Customer Service.