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Yamato ADS Series Vertical Airflow Clean Benches



Industrial clean bench with vertical airflow


  • Vertical airflow: air moves downward from filter positioned in the ceiling toward the work surface, non-circulation airflow
  • Air does not blow directly at user’s face as sash acts as a barrier in front of user’s face
  • Wind velocity sensor can display discharged wind velocity digitally and keep track of the draft condition inside the bench accurately
  • Wind velocity can be adjusted with optional wind velocity controller
Air flow directionVertical
CleanlinessClass 100
Blow-off air speed (m/sec)~0.40 at early stage, ~0.20 final
Illuminance (lx)1000 (in the center of working face)
Load bearing of working face50kg (static load)
Air volume (m³/min)~13~17~22~26
Exterior materialCold roll steel sheet (chemical-resistant coating), white
Interior materialStainless steel sheet (SUS304)
Working platformWorking face: stainless steel (SUS304), wire drawing processing
Front doorframeToughened glass 5mm, open and close up and down, spare 5mm opening when fully closed
HEPA Filter (mm)915x610x65 1pc.610x610x65 2pcs.760x610x65 2pcs.915x610x65 2pcs.
0.3µm DOP scan test 99.99 % or more
Front filter (mm)400x400x15 / 1pc.400x400x15 / 2pcs.400x400x15 / 2pcs.400x400x15 / 2pcs.
SocketAC220V or AC115V 5A 2 outlets with grounding wire 2 (total capacity is 5A)
Flourescent lamp32W x 2 pcs.32W x 2 pcs.40W x 2 pcs.40W x 2 pcs.
Blower (Single phase)150W x 1120W x 2120W x 2150W x 2
Working surface level adjustmentUse adjusting foot (-18~+40mm)
Display of pressure differenceDifferential pressure gauge
Power sourceSingle phase AC220V/15A 1 circuit (can be changed to AC115V/15A 1 circuit)
Working space height (mm)720
External dimension (mm)W980 x D770W1300 x D770W1600 x D770W1910 x D770
Height (Doors fully open) (mm)1820 (2080)
1975 (2390)
1820 (2080)
1975 (2390)
1820 (2080)
1975 (2390)
1820 (2080)
1975 (2390)
Weight (kg)~180
AccessoriesFixing fittings of adjusting foot x 4
Optional itemWind velocity controller: displays wind velocity and with wind adjust device attachment

*Ambient temperature and humidity conditions: temperature 5°C ~35°C, humidity less than 85% RH.

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