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Yamato YK Series Large Custom Autoclave



YYK series autoclave is used to remove the residual air bubbles after affixing polarizer in LED production

Operation and functions

  • No temperature overshoot; precision temperature uniformity is available
  • 4 steps working procedures:
    1- Preheat: temperature rising, no pressurizing
    2- Pressurizing: holding temperature, pressurizing
    3- Deaerating: holding temperature, deaerating
    4- End: temperature cooling, pressure dropping
  • Adjustable air suction and exhaust speed
  • Any chamber size is available upon customer’s requirement

Safety Features

  • Door open / close detection, door lock / unlock detection, higher pressure alarm, air inlet pressure detection, safety valve, independent overheat protector, ELB to prevent over-current
MethodHeating + pressurizing
SpecificationsClass-1 pressure container (AQSIQ pressure container verification)
Operating temp. rangeRoom temp. 10~70°C
Operating pressure range0.101~0.9MPa
Temp. distribution accuracy±3°C (at 50°C)
Max. temp. reaching timeWithin 15min (adjustable)
Max. pressure reaching timeWithin 20min (adjustable)
Internal dimension (effective)ø500mm×850Lmmø750mm×1100Lmmø800mm×1100Lmmø900mm×1300Lmm
MaterialSUS304 stainless steel, internal polishing
Max. operating pressure0.9MPa
Hydraulic test pressure1.35MPa
MediumDry air (pressure: working pressure +0.05MPa or higher)
Opening / closing systemManual clutch easy to operate
Pressurizing systemControlled by pressure controller
Heating systemPID control
Stirring systemStirred by centrifugal fan (Water-Cooling is not required for shaft seal, free-maintenance)
Control systemPLC control
Pressure gaugePressure range: 0 to 1.0Mpa, accuracy: ±1% (with upper limit alarm contact)
Temp. controllerDigital setting and display, PID control
Pressure controllerDigital setting and display, ON/OFF control
Working timerTime range: 99 hr 59min, Digital setting and display,
Temp. sensor output5 groups of K thermocouple output terminals
Safety featuresDoor open / close detection, door lock / unlock detection, higher pressure alarm, air inlet pressure detection, safety valve, motor overheating protection, independent overheat protector, ELB to prevent over-current
External dimensions W×D×H1000×1656×1546 mm1200×1957×1781 mm1250×2057×1806 mm1400×1950×2232 mm
Air suction port15A (internally equipped with air filter and oil mist separator)
Air exhaust port20A (manual and auto exhaust, equipped with silencer)
Power source (50/60Hz) rated current3 phase AC380V 7A3 phase AC380V 8A3 phase AC380V 9A3 phase AC380V 12A

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