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Yamato DF & DH Series Large Capacity High Performance Fine Ovens

DF DH 832/1032


Large capacity high performance fine ovens designed to support high throughput with high accuracy temperature control and exhaust damper

Operation and functions

  • Allows precision maintenance of large parts at a constant temperature
  • Quick exhaust and cooling in the unit with the exhaust damper
  • Interactive key entry on the control panel with a green LED digital display for easy settings
  • Features power consumption /CO₂ emissions monitoring
  • Increased safety and self diagnostic functions

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SystemForced air circulation and ventilation
Operating temp. rangeRoom temp. +15°C~200°CRoom temp. +15°C~300°C
Temperature fluctuation±0.5°C (at 200°C)±1.0°C (at 300°C)
Temperature slope15°C (at 200°C)20°C (at 300°C)
Temperature controllerPID Z control
Temp setting methodDigital setting with ▲▼ keys
Timer0 min~99 hrs 59 min (Resolution: 1 minute or 1 hour)
Operation functionFixed temperature operation, Program operation (maximum 99 steps, up to 99 patterns, repeat operation function)
Duration/time select timer operation function (fixed temperature operation, auto start/auto stop/quick auto stop, program operation auto start)
Additional functionsAccumulated Power on and Operation Time (up to 65,535 hours); Calendar Time (24 hours); Calibration Offset; Monitor Display of Accumulated Power Consumption, Total CO₂ Emission, and Heater operating Output; Power Recovery Mode; User Settings Save and Restore Function; Fan Speed Setting Function
SensorK-thermocouple (double sensor)
HeaterStainless steel pipe heater with a fan
Fan motorStainless steel axial flow fan (capacitor motor: 20W), Two motors used for Model 1032
Cable portI.D. φ30mm (rear)
Heat insulatorGlass woolGlass wool + ceramic fiber
Other additional structureExhaust damper (manual operation)
Safety deviceSelf-diagnostic functions (temp. sensor error, heater disconnection, SSR short-circuit, automatic overheat prevention), door switch, fan failure detection, key lock, independent overheat protection, electric leakage breaker with over current protection
Power supply 50/60 Hz3 phase AC220V 13.5A (no plug, round terminal)3 phase AC220V 17A (no plug, round terminal)3 phase AC220V 20A (no plug, round terminal) 3 phase AC220V 28A (no plug, round terminal)
Internal dimensions WxDxH800 x 800 x 800 mm1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm800 x 800 x 800 mm1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
External dimensions WxDxH1500 x 1015 x 1330 mm1700 x 1215 x 1530 mm1500 x 1015 x 1330 mm1700 x 1215 x 1530 mm
Internal capacity512L1,000L512L1000L
Included accessoriesShelf and brackets
Shelf / bracket3 pcs. / 6 pcs.
List Price$ 11,200$ 14,180$ 12,630$ 16,660

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