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Yamato DNE Series Energy Saving Programmable Forced Convection Ovens

DNE401/411/601/611/811/911 Eco


High performance environment friendly eco-oven that reduces power consumption significantly

Operation and functions

  • High precision controller allows high performance temperature control and display of CO₂ and power discharge
  • Heat tightness and insulation design of the chamber achieves an energysaving rate of about 40% at constant temperature compared to previous models
  • Maximum temperature reaching time reduced by 15 minutes (no-load) compared to previous models
  • Program operation with a maximum of 99 steps, 99 patterns repeatable
  • Standard equipped with various support functions such as calibration offset, power failure recovery mode, save and access of user setting information, as well as other operation modes
  • Data acquisition from internal test device possible because of cable holes
  • Easy system upgrade with various option settings

Safety features

  • Standard equipped with various self-diagnostic functions such as independent overheat prevention device, overcurrent circuit breaker, and key lock function

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Circulation methodForced air circulation
External temp. range5~35°C
Operating temp. rangeRT+20°C to 210°C
RT+15°C to 210°C
Temp. control accuracy*¹±0.5°C (at 210°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy*¹±2.0°C (at 210°C)
Temp. gradient*¹6°C (at 210°C)8°C (at 210°C)8°C (at 210°C)10°C (at 210°C)
Temp. rise time*¹~60 min.~70 min.
~45 min.~60 min.
Chamber / Exterior / InsulationStainless steel / Chrome-free electro-galvanized steel plate, chemical-proof baked-on finish / Glass wool
DoorSingle swing (left side)Double doors (from center)
Heater / insulating materialStainless pipe heater / Glass wool
1.2kW x 21.5kW x 2
Fan TypeScirocco fan, Capacitor motor
Fan Motor10W30W30Wx2
Cable hole (right side)33mm I.D. 1pc.
Exhaust port33mm I.D. 2pcs. (top)
33mm I.D. 2pcs. (rear)
Observation windowOptional---
Temp. controllerPID Z control by microprocessor
Temp. setting methodDigital setting by ▲/▼ key
Temp. / Info displayGreen 4 digit LED digital display (top screen) and orange 5 digit LED digital display (bottom screen) (1°C resolution)
Timer 1 min. and 99 Hrs. 59 mins: duration operation, 24 hour setting: time operation
Operation functionFixed temperature, Program operation (max.99 steps, up to 99 patterns repeat operationing function), Duration/time select timer operation
function (fixed temperature operation, auto-start, auto-stop, quick auto stop, program operation auto start)
Additional functionsPower on and Integration time function (up to 65,535 hours), Calibration offset, Time display, Display of power consumption, CO2 discharge and
heater operation, Power failure return mode, User configuration information
Heater circuit controlTriac zero-cross control
SensorK-thermocouple double sensor (for temperature control and independent overheat prevention device)
Safety deviceSelf diagnostic functions (temp. sensor abnormal, Heater disconnection, SSR- short, Main relay abnormal, Automatic overheating prevention), Key lock function, Independent overheat prevention, Electric leakage breaker with over current protection
Earth leakage breakerLeak Current/Short Circuit/Over-current Protection, Rated Current Sensitivity 30mA
Independent overheat preventionSet temperature range: 0~250°C
Internal dimensions*² W×D×H450×450×450 mm600×500×500 mm600×500×10001090×500×1000
External dimensions*² W×D×H580×646×860 mm730×696×910 mm730×695×16601220 ×695×1660
Internal capacity90L150L300L540L
Shelf plate with standard load~15kg/pcs.
Shelf rest step number / Shelf rest pitch11 steps / 30mm13 steps / 30mm29 steps / 30mm29 steps / 30mm x 2
Power source 50/60HzAC115V 10A (with plug)
AC220V 5.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 11A (with plug)
AC220V 6A (no plug, round terminal)
AC220V 11.5A (no plug, round terminal)AC220V 14A (no plug, round terminal)
Included accessoriesShelf and brackets (stainless steel, 1 pc. on the bottom screwed)
Shelf plate / bracket2 pcs. / 4 pcs.4 pcs. / 8 pcs.8 pcs. / 16 pcs.
List Price$ 4,910$ 5,525$ 8,780$ 14,855

*¹ Temperature Accuracy / Rise time Standard: Testing Machinery Association of Japan. Temperature Fluctuation/Gradient Standard: Japanese Industrial Standard
Performance data above based on 115V or 220V AC supplied power, 23°C±5°C (room temperature), 65%RH ±20% humidity, maximum air speed (FAN setting 10), damper closed, and no process load.
*² Protrusions excluded.

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