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Yamato LM Series 1000 RPM Flask Mixers



LM Series compact design laboratory flask mixer features integrated drive and stirring seal allowing direct installation of flask and stirring in a vacuum and sealed state. No time-consuming shaft alignment required.  Its strong stirring power is perfect for samples of high volume and high viscosity.

LM100/110 is designed with manual type rotation speed while LM200/210 is equipped with digital indicator.


  • Wide range rotation speed of 50-1000 rpm
  • Maintenance free and superior DC brushless motor
  • Belt drive transmission minimizes noise and vibration
  • Capable of vacuuming up to 399.9Pa without impairing rotation efficiency
  • Directly attachable to a three-neck flask 24/40, 29/42 optional
  • Variety of stirring shafts and blades available to handle small to large volume samples
  • Fluorine rubber seal as standard for shaft seal, superior chemical resistant Teflon®rubber seal available as option
  • At the flask joint, FKM o-ring is used as standard, superior chemical resistant Kalrez® o-ring available as option
  • Equipped with 24/40 rotary joint, 29/42 optional
  • Capable of AC100-240V by changing power cord
Operating temp. range5°C~35°C
Speed range *¹50~1000 rpm
Max. torque0.1N•m
Max. ultimate vacuum< 399.9Pa
ExteriorPBT /ADC12 (Surface: branded / painted)
MotorDC brushless motor 30W
Speed controlFeedback control
Display ---3 digit×10 rpm Digital
Operation lampGreen LEDRotation speed display
Adaptable flask size50~5000 ml
Joint sizeTS 24/40
Chuckø8mm (φ7.9~7.95)
Sealing materialPTFE (rotary joint) / FKM (oil seal, o-ring)
Safety deviceOverload protection function*², coupling cover (hair entanglement prevention structure), slow start function
External dimensionW69 × D108 × H222 mm
Power source 50/60HzSingle phase AC100V~AC120V 50/60Hz 1ASingle phase AC200V~AC220V 50/60Hz 1ASingle phase AC100V~AC120V 50/60Hz 1ASingle phase AC200V~AC220V 50/60Hz 1A
Power cordA type 3P (AC115V 50/60Hz) O type 3P (AC220V 50/60Hz)A type 3P (AC115V 50/60Hz) O type 3P (AC220V 50/60Hz)
Weight700g (main body only)
Included accessoriesHexagon socket head cap screw & wrench, AC adapter, 3m power cord, coupling cover, handle (arbor), flask clip
Operational accessories*³Stirring shaft (stainless steel or glass), propellers (different types and sizes), stand and rod
Manufacturer Suggested Price$ 610 (main body only)$ 610 (main body only)$ 700 (main body only)$ 700 (main body only)

*1 Max. revolutions differ depending on the combination of oil seal + stirring shaft.
50 – 1000rpm: FKM oil seal + PTFE stirring shaft / PTFE oil seal + glass or SUS stirring shaft
50 – 300rpm: FKM oil seal + glass or SUS stirring shaft / PTFE oil seal + PTFE stirring shaft
*2 When load exceeding maximum torque is applied, current limit circuit automatically controls the current to protect the motor
*3 Sold separately
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LM Series Catalog

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