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Yamato FP Series High Performance Programmable Muffle Furnaces


A great companion in the long run.

When you do demanding work that involves high heat, you’re not just keen about performance. You’re also particular about longevity. Don’t settle for a piece of equipment; invest in high-performance muffle furnaces that you know can handle the heat.

Every part of a Yamato muffle furnace is designed to maintain uniform high heat temperatures and make the unit last for years. The units in this line have firmly sealed chamber doors to provide excellent heat tightness. They also come with a top-quality alumina porcelain hot plate where the heater is not exposed to the inner chamber. This ensures that no sample contamination will take place. But that’s just the start.

You will also save on your operational costs with Yamato’s units, as they have alumina fiber insulation, which does not demand high energy but allows for faster heating. You will also love that our high-performance units have R-thermocouple sensors, which will last longer than S-type sensors thanks to their higher percentage of the highly anti-corrosive material, Rhodium.

Our lines of high-performance muffle furnaces are not just machines. They are great, reliable companions at work in the long run.

This line of high-performance muffle furnaces includes the following models:

  1. FP103
  2. FP303
  3. FP313
  4. FP413

Best features

  • RCF-free chamber
  • High-temperature accuracy at ±1.0°C
  • Upgraded with long-life R-thermocouple sensors
  • High accuracy controller for better operability and visibility
  • Excellent heat tightness with a firmly sealed chamber door
  • Program operation of maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns, with repeat operation function
  • High-quality alumina porcelain hot plate where the heater is not exposed to the inner chamber preventing contamination of samples
  • Safety features include self-diagnostic functions, calibration off-set, key lock function, auto-recovery after a power failure, earth leakage breaker, automatic overheat prevention device, and independent overheat prevention device
  • [Optional] You can add an exhaust system, N₂ gas loading device (with a flow meter), a temperature output terminal, a time-up output terminal, sample tray, an event output terminal, operation signal output terminal, and furnace floor plate
Operating temp. range100~1150°C
Temp. control accuracy±1.0°C (at 1150°C)
Temp. fluctuation±1.0°C (at 1150°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy±4.0°C (at 1150°C)
Temp. gradient14°C (at 1150°C)
Max. temp. reaching time~90 min.~90 min.~90 min.~80 min.
Exterior materialCold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin finish
Interior materialAlumina fiber
HeaterIron-chrome wire
Exhaust portø20mm (top)
Cooling fan19/16W (50/60Hz)
Temp. controllerPID control by microprocessor
Temp. and timer settingDigital setting by ▲/▼ keys
Temp. displaySetting temperature: Orange 5-digit LED digital display (resolution: 1°C)
Temperature display: Green 4-digit LED digital display (resolution: 1°C)
Timer1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min., timer resolution 1 min. or 1 hr.
Operation functionFixed temperature, Quick auto stop, Auto start, Auto stop, Program (maximum 99 steps, 99 patterns, repeat operation)
Additional functionsPower on / operation time accumulation (up to 65535 hr.), calendar (timer 24 hr.), clock (24 hr. display), calibration off-set, display of power consumption, CO₂ emissions and heater operation, power failure recovery options, user setting storage and recall
Heater circuit controlTriac with zero cross control
Safety deviceSelf diagnostic functions (sensor error , heater disconnection, triac short circuit, main relay failure disconnection, automatic overheat prevention), Key lock function, Independent overheat prevention, Electric leakage breaker
Internal dimensions WxDxH100 x 150 x 100 mm200 x 250 x 150 mm200 x 250 x 150 mm300 x 250 x 150 mm
External dimensions WxDxH376 x 404 x 515 mm446 x 504 x 565 mm446 x 504 x 565 mm506 x 504 x 625 mm
Internal capacity1.5L7.5L7.5L11.3L
Power source (50/60Hz)AC115V 10A (with plug)AC115V 21.5A (no plug, round terminal)AC220V 13.5A (no plug, round terminal)AC220V 18A (no plug, round terminal)
Included accessoriesExhaust port cap, fuse, furnace floor plate
List Price$ 7,110$ 6,830$ 6,830$ 7,490

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  • Alloying
  • Ceramics
  • Annealing
  • Metallurgy
  • Heat treating
  • Fusing glass
  • Environmental testing
  • Creating enamel coatings
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