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Yamato AW62 Fully-Automatic Lab Washer



Compact and powerful automatic benchtop washer with spin table helps reduce laboratory glassware cleaning workload

Performance and functions

  • All processes from wash to rinse are fully automatic. Each process is displayed on indicator
  • Final rinse (option) with purified water available
  • Water purifier connection is possible for pure water rinse process
  • Wash process and time can be set according to glassware shape and contamination level
  • Cleaning water temperature impacts final cleaning results. With built-in water heater, no boiler piping and water heating system are required
  • Powerful upward and downward two-way pressurized water jet method
  • Optional jet rack is available for hard to clean targets, such as glassware with narrow neck or body
Cleaning methodTwo direction pressurized water jet method, fixed jet nozzle
Cleaning cycleWash (setting range: 0~30min.)
Rinse (setting range: 0~30min.)
Purified water rinse (optional) when connected with water purifier, Rinse clean with 20L purified water
Water supplyRoom temp. ~ 60°C
Washing water temp.45~80°C
Water heaterBuilt-in heater 6kW
Supply water pressure0.1~0.3MPa
Glassware standSpin table (Standard), racks (optional)
Water supplyControlled by electromagnetic valve open/close, water level adjustable by water level control switch
Water drainNatural drainage by water level gap
Exterior material*Chrome-free electric galvanized steel plate, chemical-resistant paint
Interior materialStainless steel
External dimensionsW600 x D620 x H940mm
Internal dimensionsW594 x D572 x H564mm, effective height: 345mm
Spin tableDia. 550mm (max. load bearing: 25kg)
PumpThree phase AC220V 250W
DoorDrop down style (can stop at any position)
Power source (50/60Hz)Three phase AC220V 17A
with external transformer
Accessories1 pc. water supply hose (with coupler) 2m, 1 pc. drain hose (I.D.25.4mm) 1.5m, 1 kg. phosphorus-free detergent (50ml measuring spoon 1pc.), vinyl cover, 1 pc. main jet nozzle cleaning needle, water supply unit
ConsumablePhosphorus-free detergent

* Protrusions not included.


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AW62 Laboratory Washer Catalog

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