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Yamato PR Series Standard Gas Plasma Asher

PR200 / PR300-115V  PR300-220V / PR301-115V  PR301-220V


Standard barrel type low temperature ashing devices suitable for a wide range of application such as ashing , etching and dry cleaning


  • Isotropy barrel type
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Capable of removing coated organic matter
  • Adjustable RF suitable for various applications
  • Outstanding operability and safety
  • Can be set for a wide range of output conditions to handle a variety of testing samples


  • Functionalization of the polymeric material surface improves adhesion
  • Oxidation reaction generates functional groups -OH, >C=O, -COOH on the surface (very small amount of water and carbon dioxide will impact)
  • In nitrogen plasma, a nitrogen atom is incorporated onto the surface, generates a functional group -NH₂ Resist peeling
  • Surface modification of materials (metals, polymers, films, ceramics, etc.)
  • Asbestos pre-processing (ashing of membrane filter)
  • Low-temperature ashing (polymer material, coal, food, etc.) PDMS chips bonding to glass and PDMS substrate
  • Production of semiconductors and analysis work


Plasma modeDirect plasma (DP)
High frequency outputMax. 200WMax. 300W (100W x 3 chambers)Max. 300W
Oscillation frequency13.56MHz
Tuning methodAuto matchingManual biaxial
Reaction chamber (pyrex glass)ø100×160mm x 1 chamberø64×160mm × 3 chambersø118×160mm x 1 chamber
Reaction gas1 system (oxygen), flow meter control with dry air purge gas
Control systemManual leak valveAuto pressure reduction, auto leak valve
Piping materialStainless steel, TeflonStainless steel, Teflon, Copper and BrassStainless steel, Teflon
External dimensions W×D×H350x400x500 mm438×520×556 mm438×520×660 mm
Power source 50/60HzAC115V 13AAC115V 6.1A
AC220V 3.2A
Optional accessoriesSample dish, vacuum pumpSample dish, stand, shelf, vacuum pump

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