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Yamato RE Series Highly Functional & Programmable Rotary Evaporator



RE601 and RE801 are highly functional and programmable rotary evaporators which are standard equipped with motorized lift, vacuum regulator, vapor temperature display functions and automatic distillation function.

Common features of RE601 and RE801

  • One touch electric lift for easy up and down movement of the rotary evaporator
  • Digital setting and display for motor speed (rpm), vacuum and vapor temperature
  • Stable rotation of rotary evaporator at low and high speeds
  • Unique durable vacuum seal suitable up to 2L flasks
  • One touch operation for displaying and saving operating conditions
  • Rotary Evaporator is equipped with lift-up switch in the event of power outage
  • Rotary joint’s locking position is adjustable up to 80 mm; useful when using evaporating flasks with varying capacities or when there is a need to shift the vacuum seal’s contact position (Patent No. 3220033)
  • Vertical condenser prevents liquid from stagnating.  New condenser tubes (type A&B) are designed to increase cooling capacity with a 20% larger surface area (Patent No. 4597021)
  • Evaporating flask can be released easily and quickly by turning the flask release nut
  • Compact, fits into any fume hood
  • Universal power supply: rotary evaporator works with 100-240VAC

Unique features of RE801

  • Automatic distillation
  • Continuous bath control
  • Data on 53 solvents installed as default

Rotary Evaporator Installation Guide (RE 601)

MotorDC brushless motor (for rotation)
ControllerVacuum regulator VR600Vacuum regulator VR800
Rotation speed20~250 (rpm)
Lift stroke130mm
Setting range of vacuum0~981hPa
Measurable range of vacuum0~1033hPa
Resolution of vacuum1hPa
Setting range of hysteresis1~50hPa
Resolution of vapor temperature indicatorSelectable (either 1°C or 0.1°C)
Readout of cooling water temperatureDepending on indicator (option)
Resolution of cooling water temperature indicator1°C or 0.1°C
Operation modesFree, fixed temperature, fixed temperature timer, descending, and descending timerFree, fixed temperature, fixed temperature timer, descending, and descending timer, auto I (auto operation with continuous drying), and auto II (auto operation for distillation of single solvent)
Setting range of timer1-999 minutes in increments/decrements of 1 minute for preset operations, 1-99 minutes for descending timer operations
Memory10 programs for each operation
Data operationN/A53 kinds of solvent data
Speed (rpm) settingRotation: Control knob Vacuum adjustment: Key pad
Safety measures (drive unit)Circuit breaker, rotor for overload protection, manual adjustment of lift's lower limit, lift-up switch during power outage
Safety measures (vacuum regulator)Self-diagnostic functions, main unit / bath synchronized stop at malfunction, error display
Synchronized control featureSelection of automatic bath stop or automatic insulation
Lifting featureOne-touch motorized lift system
External dimensionGlassware AW828 × D400 × H727mm (H857mm when raised)
External dimensionGlassware B/CW643 × D400 × H727mm (H857mm when raised)
Weight~15.1kg (excluding the glassware and the water/oil bath)
Power supply Main unit (50/60Hz)AC100~240V 1.5A
List Price$ 5,610 (main unit only)$ 5,730 (main unit only)


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