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Yamato Auto Still WA Series Large Capacity Water Purifier



Yamato’s economical and large capacity multi-purpose Auto Still water purifiers offer a fully automated water purifying process. A microprocessor auto-controls all steps from supplying of water, ion exchange and distillation to storage. The WA series produces ASTM type 1 deionized water and type 4 distilled water kept in the 100L storage tank.  High safety standards are maintained with various safety features.


  • Large volume of distilled and deionized water can be obtained
  • Equipped with high performance pre-treatment cartridge (activated charcoal + 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane) for high quality water
  • Standard equipped with 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane filter at water sampling ports which protects pure water delivery from
  • Low cost method from distillation to ion exchange by selecting optional CPC-N ion exchange resin cartridge (A3 / Type 3 level)
  • Digitally displayed operation status
  • Easy to replace ion-exchange resin cartridge
  • Safety device includes power leakage breaker, water leakage sensor, water pressure reduction valve
  • Optional water softener cartridge and UV lamp for sterilization available
Model WA511 WA711 WA731
Water purifying methodPre-treatment → Distillation → Ion-exchange → Filtration
Purified waterDistilled water (Type 4 / A1), Deionized water (Type 1 / A4)
Distilled water production~5L/h~10L/h
Pure water delivery rateDistilled water: ~1.4 L/min.
Deionized water: ~1.4 L/min.
Range of collection capacity0.1 to 85L
BoilerStainless steel (SUS304)
CondenserStainless steel (SUS304)
Pipe heater1.9kW x 22.55kW x 3
Raw water filterPre-treatment cartridge (activated charcoal + 0.1µm hollow fiber membrane)
Pure water filterMembrane filter (MFRL730) (0.1µm hollow fiber membrane)
High purity cartridgeOne-touch fitting cartridge (CPC-H) (Mixed bed, resin 3L)
Distilled water storage tank100L polyethylene made
Water sampling tableLarge stainless steel sink with splashing preventive mechanism
Water feeding pumpElectromagnetic pump
Raw water pressure range15 to 5x100kPa (15 to 5kg/cm²)
Safety functionPower leakage breaker, water leakage sensor, water pressure reduction valve, water quality error alarm
Distilled water level indication5 levels by LED display
Water quality monitorDigital indication (conductivity or resistivity)
Power source
Single phase
Three phase
External dimensions (WxDxH)*800 x 685 x 1510 mm870 x 685 x 1510 mm
Other indicationsReplacement consumable parts (pre-treatment cartridge, high purity cartridge, membrane filter), Error message, History of error messages, History of consumable part replacements (up to 20x for each consumable part), default language in English or Japanese, Maintenance requirement
AccessoriesWater supply hose 2m x 1 pc. (with connecting unit), drain hose 3m x 1 pc. (with hose clamp), pre-treatment cartridge, high purity cartridge (CPC-H), membrane filter x 2 pcs.

* Protrusions not included.

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