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Yamato SM Series Large Capacity Steam Sterilizers with Dryer



Large capacity, high performance, fully automatic sterilization from start to finish with high pressure steam sterilization and drying steps

Operation and functions

  • Interactive keypad input (touch panel) allows committing sterilization settings (time & temperature) to memory
  • 7″ interactive touch screen
  • Suitable for protein modification at the maximum operating temperature of 135°C
  • Easy settings and operation modes for a multitude of sterilization process
  • Increased safety and function list including forced cooling and memory functions
  • Equipped with multiple safety locking mechanism for the lid
  • Comes with large capacity (11L) heat resistant stainless steel container
  • Alarm buzzer sounds when high or low pressure error occurs
Model SM520SM530SM820SM830
SystemAutomatic high pressure steam sterilization
Operating temperatureSterilize105 to 135°C
Liquefy60 to 110°C
Retain45 to 60°C
Preheat45 to 80°C
Dry135 to 150°C
Operating Ambient Temp.5 to 35°C
Maximum pressure capacity0.255MPa
HeatingSterilize Pipe1000W ×2
Drying Pipe110V/295W×2, 110V/455W×2110V/295W×2, 110V/455W×2110V/275W ×2,
110V/625W ×2
110V/275W ×2,
110V/625W ×2
Temp. controllerPlD controlled by microprocessor
Temp. setting / displayTouch panel
Timer / Timer resolutionRange: 0 or 1min to 99h59min / 1 min.
Safety DeviceSterilize sensor error, sterilize SSR short circuit, dry sensor error, dry SSR short circuit, sterilize heater disconnection, dry heater disconnection, water level detection (liquid expansion method), independent chamber overheat protection, cover unlock error, chamber over pressure protection, under pressure protection, warning about setting error in cooling water container, memory error, pressure switch (0.25MPa), pressure safety valve (0.255MPa)
Internal dimensions ⌀370 x D470 mm⌀370 x D470 mm⌀370 x D750 mm⌀370 x D750 mm
External dimensions WxDxH520 x 660 x 881 mm520 x 660 x 881 mm520 x 660 x 116 mm520 x 660 x 1161 mm
Internal capacity50L50L80L80L
Power source (50/60Hz)VoltageAC100-120V (no plug, round terminal)AC200-240V (no plug, round terminal)AC100-120V (no plug, round terminal)AC200-240V (no plug, round terminal)
Sterilize current25-21A12.5-10.5A25-21A12.5-10.5A
Dry current13.5A8.0A15.0A9.0A
Included items2 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (⌀332 x D195.5 mm)
3 pcs. stainless steel mesh basket (⌀332 x D195.5 mm) OSQ-90
Drain board x 1, drain bottle x 1, chemical indicator 1 set, filter x 1, droplet tray x 1
Manufacturer suggested price$ 13,280$ 13,280$ 14,950$ 14,950

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Sterilizer Accessories

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