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Yamato LR Series 1000 RPM Laboratory Stirrers



Digital Laboratory Stirrer


  • DC brushless motor considered superior in safety as there are no brushes to cause sparks and no brush replacement required
  • Direct-drive system reduces noise and require low maintenance
  • Achieves high torque enabling stirring of high viscosity solution
  • Digital tachometer for easy speed setting and confirmation
  • Load on the stirring shaft can be monitored by LED2 display. An overload lamp turns on when exceeding the maximum  load, stopping the motor automatically
  • Revolution feedback control function can maintain the setting rate despite change of load (especially suitable for high viscosity samples)
Speed range *¹34~340 rpm100~1000 rpm
Max. torque1.96N•m
Display of speed / torqueDigital, 3-digit / Green LED, 2 Steps + Overload Display
Motor (brushless DC)70W100W
Speed controlSpeed feedback control
Safety deviceStops when overloaded
Stirring function / shaft dia.Gearless Direct Drive Type / ø10mm
Power source 50/60HzAC100~125V 3AAC100~125V 3.5A
Included accessoriesStirring shaft (ø10*500mm), 75mm 4-blade propeller, clamp
Operational accessories*Stand and rod
Optional accessoriesPropellers (different types and sizes), vacuum adapter, extra long stirring shaft (ø10*800mm), glass stirring shaft
Manufacturer Suggested Price$ 1,990 (main body, shaft and propeller only)$ 1,990 (main body, shaft and propeller only)

*Operational accessories purchased separately
*1, No load

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