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Yamato LT Series 1200 RPM Laboratory Stirrers

LT400A/400B/400C  LT500A/500B


LT Series stirrers include LT400A and LT500A with higher torque, LT400B and LT500B with well-balanced speed and torque, and LT400C with high speed, to support different applications.


  • Highly sensitive feedback system keeps the set speed, even with changing viscosity during stir
  • Maintenance free DC brushless motor
  • Digital speed indicator for accurate speed setting and confirmation
  • Noise prevention measures for optimal work environment
  • More safety-oriented design
Viscosity of sampleHighMediumMedium-LowHighMedium
Speed range10~300rpm15~600rpm25~1200rpm15~600rpm25~1200rpm
Torque0.9N•m (9.0kgf•cm)0.5N•m (5.0kgf•cm)0.3N•m (3.0kgf•cm)1.0N•m (10.0kgf•cm)0.6N•m (6.0kgf•cm)
MotorDC brushless motor 30W
Speed controlFeedback control
Panel displayDigital speed display, Overload display*¹ , Torque indicator (20% gradation)*²
Chuckø8mm drill chuck
Safety deviceCurrent limit circuit *³ , Thermal protector*⁴ , Drill chuck cover
External dimensions WxDxH146 x 154 x 165 mm
Power sourceAC100V~AC125V 50/60Hz
Power cordPower supply cord with bipolar grounding type plug 2m
Weight2.4 kg
Included accessoriesClamp, safety cover, chuck handle
Operational accessories*Stirring shaft (stainless steel or glass), propellers (different types and sizes), stand and rod
List Price$ 1,150 (main body)$ 1,150 (main body)$ 1,150 (main body)$ 1,390 (main body)$ 1,390 (main body)
Recommended set pricing$ 1,670$ 1,670$ 1,670$ 1,910$ 1,910
Recommended set compositionMain body, stand, rod, stainless steel shaft, 60mm 4-blade propeller

*Operational accessories purchased separately
*1, When load exceeding the maximum torque is applied, tachometer display flashes.
*2, Torque indicator LED displays the loading status by 5 gradation.
*3,  When  load  exceeding  the  maximum  torque  is  applied,  current  limit  circuit  automatically  controls  the current to protect the motor.
*4,  When temperature of  the motor  exceeds  the upper  limit  temperature, thermal protector  shuts  off  the current flowing to the motor and prevents it from burnout.

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