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GWS410 Organic Solvent Washing Unit



GWS410 is the world’s first water-based solvent neutralizer designed primarily for spray dryer.  It traps contaminants in solvents by using tap water or alkaline solution at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.

GWS410 is designed with a washing tank — when solvent vapor enters the tank, sprayed water adheres, cleans and neutralizes solvent particles, before returning to the bottom of the chamber.


  • Uses water or alkaline solution
  • Eliminates harsh solvents
  • Minimizes equipment rust and corrosion
  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance — only requires monitoring of water’s pH level in the storage tank and condition of molecular sieves

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MethodSpraying circulation
Circulating liquidWater
Circulating pumpSmall magnetic force circulating pump
Max. flow15L / min
Max. head8m
Harmful gas washing methodPall ring filling + water spray washing
Water storage tank capacity35L
Safety deviceEarth leakage breaker
Power sourceAC200V 0.35A
Exterior dimension (WxDxH)*800×500×1230 mm
WeightApprox. 80kg

* Exterior dimension does not include protrusions. 

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GWS410 Catalog

Spray Drying System

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