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Yamato PCR Chambers



These PCR chambers are designed to improve accuracy of PCR and general tissue culture procedures.  Chances of airborne contamination during DNA sequencing is greatly reduced.


  • “Bright Light” illumination system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee)
  • U.V. germicidal system rated at 254 nm decontaminates all exposed surfaces in the interior
  • Automatic timer to activate U.V. sterilization procedures
  • Front panel is .500″ (13mm) thick for Beta Ray protection. NOTE: Not Gamma Rays
  • Side and back walls are one piece formed optically clear acrylic .375” thick (9.5 mm)
  • Two bright white plastic (adjustable) shelves. One is tooled to store pipettors
  • Bottom tray has a formed in place “spill guard” for easy cleaning
  • Removable side access doors with slip apart hinges
  • Proximity sensors on doors for operator safety
  • Main housing and top are removable for installation of large pieces of equipment
HEPA filter---“Mini HEPA” filter size 4” x 9.5” x 1” thick
(101 x 240 x 25.4 mm thick)
No tools required for HEPA filter change over
Inside dimension (WxDxH)23.5" x 17" x 21" / 597 x 432 x 530 mm23.5" x 17" x 21" / 597 x 432 x 530 mm
Outside dimension (WxDxH)24" x 18" x 28" / 610 x 457 x 711 mm26" x 23" x 28" / 610 x 457 x 711 mm
Approximate shipping weight (crated)95 lbs. / 43 kg95 lbs. / 43 kg

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PCR Chambers PCR Series Catalog

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