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Yamato PDC610 Multi Stage Gas Plasma Dry Cleaner



High performance compact multi-stage plasma cleaner


  • Maximum power of 600W with compact package
  • Electrodes can be switched from 1-stage, 2-stages, and 3-stages
  • Supports processing of a vertical magazine
  • RIE/DP modes selectable
  • Supports integrated data logger (optional)
  • Matching point memory function (optional)
  • Complies with FCC standards


  • Improvement of adhesiveness of various materials and surface reformation
  • Light ashing and light etching process
  • Pre-treatment of implemented board bonding, plastic package and print board plating
  • Processing of LED related commercial products
  • Cleaning of electronic parts
  • Resist peeling or residue removal after wetting process
  • Cleaning of accuracy parts including optics and optical fibers, or machine parts
  • Reformation of resin surface including fluoro resin
Plasma modeRIE/DP selectable
Electrode structure3-stage independent parallel flat plates
Vacuum gaugeCapacitance manometer
High frequency outputMax 600W
Oscillation frequency13.56MHz Quartz oscillator
Output setting methodManual setting on the LCD touch panel
Matching methodAuto tuning
Control deviceSequencer
DisplayLCD touch panel
Chamber size WxDxH350 x 270 x 300 mm
Stage sizeW250 x D220mm Three stages
Chamber materialAluminum
Reactive gas2 systems (Argon and Oxygen)
Purge gasNitrogen or dry air
Vacuum pumpRotary vacuum pump (Approx. 345 L/min)
External dimension WxDxH600 x 722 x 700 mm
Exterior materialStainless steel
Power source 50/60 Hz3-phase AC200V~AC230V 15A
(vacuum pump included)

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