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Yamato PiCOEXPLORER Photo Absorbance Sensor



A portable absorptiometer that uses white LED as light source.

Operation and features

  • Palm-size absorptiometer made of silicon resin (PDMS)
  • The highly sensitive yet extremely compact design of PiCOEXPLORER is a
    result of the breakthrough Silicone Optical Technology (SOT)
  • Smarter data management
    Measurement results can be verified on a smart phone or tablet by
    downloading a special application that uses bluetooth communication.
    Raw data (absorbance, concentration, intensity) can be output to a PC in
    excel format for easy data processing.
  • Measurements can be taken directly from unopened PCR tubes, preventing
    contamination risk and sample loss


  • Measurement of bacterial turbidity
  • Quantification of protein (BCA method, Bradford method)
  • Measurement of antioxidant activity
  • Amino acid measurement (ninhydrin method)
  • Quantification of glucose
  • Environmental water analysis
  • Analysis of heavy metals
Usage environmentTemperature humidity5-35˚C, 70% RH or less
Altitude2000m or less
Installation conditionIndoor, pollution degree 2
MeasurementTotal samples1 sample
Time1 second or more
Absorbance Range0.02 or more (Gentian violet dilute solution)
Sensor UnitLight SourceWhite LED
DetectorColor sensorMaximum absorption wavelengthWavelength range
Red615 nm575-660 nm
Green530 nm455-630 nm
Blue460 nm400-540 nm
Communication interfaceBluetooth low energy (Bluetooth smart)
Frequency of operation2402-2480 MHz
Type of modulationGFSK
Channel spacing2 MHz
Channel number40
Peak output powerLess than 0 dBm
Antenna gain2.41 dBi
Antenna typePCB Antenna
Compatible tabletNexus 7 (2013), Nexus 9, iPhone*²
Recommended PCR tubeWATSON brand 137-211C 0.2 mL
Minimum sample volume30 μL*³
Dimension70 x 150 x 30 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weightabout 200g (including batteries)
Power4.5V DC (3 AAA-type batteries) (Note: Batteries not provided in the package)
5V DC (micro-USB connector *¹ )
Operating voltageBattery 3.6~4.5 Vdc
Manufacturer Suggested Price$ 905

*¹ Use cable to connect to a computer or other appropriate power source to power unit w/o batteries (device automatically senses power source; this connection cannot be used to transmit data.)
*² Device may have disturbed images, may not start app, or may cause other malfunctions if used with unsupported smartphone ot tablet model.
*³ With a sample volume of 30μL, be sure to measure with the device tilted 10˚or less horizontally

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