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Yamato RE Series Standard Rotary Evaporator with Slide Jack Mechanism

RE202-A / RE212-A


The Yamato RE202-A/RE212-A standard rotary evaporator features convenient height adjustment and intuitive operability which dramatically increases user-comfort and productivity. Yamato’s RE202-A and RE212-A rotavaps are equipped with a 5 to 315 rpm rotation speed capacity and offers selectable rotation modes perfect for various general evaporation applications. Moreover, our RE202-A and RE212-A standard rotary evaporators give you the option to use either a water bath or oil bath with a 5L capacity. Experience high-impact performance with the Yamato RE202-A/RE212-A Standard Rotary Evaporators for a great value.   


  • Market leader in rotation speed range at 5~315 rpm
  • Set inversion function where glassware and bath can be set on either side, left or right, depending on user’s dominant hand and installation location
  • Standard equipped with condenser insulation kit to suppress condensation on the condenser’s surface
  • Convenient height adjustment using the slide jack mechanism
  • Uniquely designed glass condenser which prevents liquid stagnation and backflow improving durability of vacuum seal
  • Integration of servo type motor with strong high torque which results to stable rotation even with large capacity flasks
  • Cables are stored neatly, simply and smartly inside the AC adapter holder at the back of the main unit
  • Option for 2 types of bath:  water bath and oil bath
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(with glassware)
(with glassware)
Performance*¹Operating ambient temp. range5~35°C
Speed range5~315 rpm*³
Evaporation capacity---Up to 23 ml/min
FunctionsRPM displayDigital display / Encoder dial setting
Rotation modeForward/Reverse/Auto reverse
Spring-loaded jackManual balance (Max. height 200 mm, stepless regulation, one-touch lock)
ConfigurationRotary motorDC brushless (simple servo)
Condenser retentionRetaining bracket for vertical condenser (condenser type B)
Safety functionsDC motor: Motor overload protection, overvoltage, low voltage, rotation speed sensor error
AC adapter: Short circuit in internal circuit, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
StandardCooling condenser---Double corrugated tube
(cooling surface: 0.143 m²)
Double corrugated tube
(cooling surface: 0.143 m²)
---Suction port: GL-14
(lower), Φ10 nozzle
Suction Port: GL-14
(upper), Φ10 nozzle
---Cooling port: GL14 (two places in lower part), two φ10 nozzles
Compatible evaporation flask0-2000ml for TS24. Use optional reducer to attach small flasks.
Compatible receiving flask100-2000 ml
External dimensions*² (W x D x H)375 × 324 × 445719 × 324 × 534529 × 324 × 745
Overall dimensions*² (W x D x H)---744 × 365 × 534554 × 365 × 745
Power ratingRE202: 100-115 VAC single phase 1A
RE212: 200-230 VAC single phase 1A
Power cable~2.0 m with inlet plug
Weight~7.0 kg~9.0 kg (including RE unit)
Included accessoriesMain unit: AC adapter (1), power cable (1), bath guide (1), rear cover (1), single-sided tape fastener roll (1), double-sided tape, fastener roll (1), condenser bracket (1), hex wrench (1), Instruction manual (1), warranty card (1)
Operational accessoriesGlass set: Cooling condenser (type A/B)(1), rotary joint (1), evaporation flask (1), receiving flask (1), ball joint clamp (1), flask clip (1), vacuum seal (1), condenser insulation kit (1), flask removal tool
Manufacturer Suggested Price$1,320 (main unit)$ 2,900 (complete set with Glassware A diagonal condenser and water bath RE-202-AWA)$ 3,080 (complete set with Glassware B vertical condenser and water bath RE-202-BWA)

*¹ Performance data above based on 23 ±5°C room temperature, 65%RH ±20% humidity, and no process load.
*² Dimensions excludes protrusions.
*³ Applicable rotation speed range and sample volume depend on the capacity of evaporation flask.

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