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Yamato RFC Series Freezer / Refrigerator Combination

RFC Series: Temp. Range up to -25ºC / 2ºC to 8ºC  


RFC Series is a complete line of laboratory and pharmacy refrigerator / freezer combination that provides the reliability and security essential for the protection of sensitive lab samples in the 0°C to -30°C range. These models offer many storage capabilities such as shelves and racks to store samples and other product with easy access to both freezer and refrigerator temperature ranges.  Ideal for the demanding requirements of daily lab applications.

Operation and features

  • Digital temperature display
  • High/Low alarm
  • Two solid locking doors
  • Auto or manual defrost available
  • Locking casters
  • Four shelves
  • Adjustable shelves
  • CFC-free refrigerant and insulation
  • UL listed
  • Stainless exterior / interior available
  • Optional chart recorder

Primary Uses

  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
Capacity255L / 9 cu.ft.515L / 18.2 cu.ft.1359L / 48 cu.ft.1982L / 70 cu.ft.
Refrigerator capacity4.6 cu.ft.9.1 cu.ft.24 cu.ft.46.6 cu.ft.
Freezer capacity4.4 cu.ft.9.1 cu.ft.24 cu.ft.24 cu.ft.
DoorTwo solid, lockingTwo Solid, lockingTwo Solid, lockingThree Solid, locking
Temperature range(Refrigerator)
2°C to 8°C /
36°F to 46°F
-10°C to -30°C /
+14°F to -22°F
2°C to 8°C /
36°F to 46°F
0°C to -25°C /
+32°F to -13°F
2°C to 8°C /
36°F to 46°F
0°C to -25°C /
+32°F to -13°F
4ºC / 39ºF
-20ºC / -4ºF
Temperature controlTwo - Digital display
Temperature alarmHi/Low temperature alarm with audible and visual alarm, Alarm relay dry contacts, Min/Max Memory (for RFC1301 and RFC2001)
Probe port3/8" access port hole, each chamber---
Shelves2 adjustable (R)
2 adjustable (F)
2 Per Compartment /
Epoxy Coated
3 Per Compartment /
Epoxy Coated
3 Per Compartment /
Epoxy Coated
LegsFour leveling feetFour locking
Stacking kit Yes---
InsulationUrethane foamPolyurethane
RefrigerantR600A CFC free---
Compressor21/4 hp (R), 1/3 hp (F)1/4 hp (R), 1/2 hp (F)1/3 hp (R), 1/2 hp (F)
Evaporator-Fin and tube
Refrigerator defrostCycle, automatic-Automatic
Freezer defrostManual-Automatic
Interior / Exterior finishWhite coated steelStainless steel
Interior dimension of Refrigerator (WxDxH)20” x 17.75” x 24.5”28 x 28 x 20”22 x 28 x 60”48 x 28 x 60”
Interior dimension of Freezer (WxDxH)20” x 17.75” x 24.5”28 x 28 x 20”22 x 28 x 60”28 x 28 x 20”
External dimensions (WxDxH)23.75” x 21.5” x 64”
60 x 54 x 162 cm
27.5” x 34” x 81.5”
70 x 86 x 207 cm
52 x 34.75 x 81.5”
132 x 88 x 207” cm
78 x 34.75 x 81.5”
198 x 88 x 207 cm
Weight395 lbs.550 lbs.625 lbs.950 lbs.
Voltage115V, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Running amps-4.5 (R), 7.5 (F)5.7 (R), 6.0 (F)9.4 (R), 10.6 (F)
Supply plug5-15P NEMA (1 plug per chamber) UL listed
Optional accessoriesChart recorder, Leg seismic restraints, Wall seismic restraints
List Price$ 5,890$ 15,000$ 17,420$ 19,620

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