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Yamato SA Series Shakers with Rotary, Vertical, and Horizontal Motion

SA300-115V  SA300-220V / SA320-115V  SA320-220V 

SA400-115V  SA400-220V


The SA300 achieves two dimensional shaking (horizontal and vertical), while the SA320 enables rotary shaking and SA400 is double-sided vertical shaking.  All models are efficient in extraction, culture and mixture stirring of samples.


  • Stable turns from low to high speed can be obtained
  • Compact and equipped with a powerful shaking load
  • Easy-to-use dial settings for shaking frequency and digital displays
  • Possible to switch between timer operation and continuous operation
  • Various holders can be easily attached and removed and are extremely durable


  • The main unit shakes vertically, but it can be laid on the side to shake horizontally


  • 6 pieces of 1L liquid sample holder and 4 pieces of 2L liquid sample holder can shake simultaneously
  • Double sided shaking possibility
Shaking methodHorizontal / Vertical shakingHorizontal / Vertical rotary shakingDouble sided vertical shaking
Max. number of sample holder100ml x 5, 300ml x 4, 1000ml x 3
200ml x 4, 500ml x 4, 2000ml x 2
100ml x 5, 300ml x 4, 1000ml x 3
200ml x 4, 500ml x 4, 2000ml x 2
100ml x 10, 300ml x 8, 1000ml x 6
200ml x 8, 500ml x 8, 2000ml x 4
Shaking speed: horizontal20~300 rpm20~210 rpmNone
Shaking speed: vertical20~300 rpm20~210 rpm20~300 rpm
Speed setting displayDial settingDial settingDial setting / Digital display
TimerDial setting 0~60 min. (minimum scale 5 min.). Continuous switching function
MotorDC motor 90W
External dimensions WxDxH460 x 460 x 423 mm460 x 460 x 423 mm520 x 460 x 483 mm
Power source 50/60HzSingle phase, AC115V 2A
AC220V 1A
Included accessoriesFuse x 1, carbon brush x 1

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