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Yamato Vented Balance Enclosures



Self-contained laboratory units ideal for fine powders, chemicals and biological products.


  • Includes top mounted HEPA/Blower filtration, set-up to circulate the internal chamber atmosphere, through the
    HEPA filter and into the lab
  • The smooth curved, or rounded ABS™ airfoils provide gentle, unobstructed air flow through rear, and side,
    baffles and through top mounted HEPA filter
  • Constructed with optically clear 3/8” jeweled acrylic plastic
  • Front viewing sash with multiple air foils for higher containment and draft deflection
  • Includes phenolic base with superior chemical resistance and provides higher analytical balance stabilization
  • Low vibrations. The black base allows for easy powder detection
  • Electrical cord outlet port
  • Air flow alarm system
  • Adjustable front draft protection
  • Side blank plate for optional Bag-In / Bag-Out port
  • Includes face velocity alarm

Need a customized Vented Balance Enclosure?

Yamato can modify and customize a VBE to meet your application requirements. Let us know what you need by requesting for a quote or sending us a message here.

ModelInner Work Surface
(width x depth x height)
Outside Dimension
(width x depth x height)
List Price
24" x 23" x 21.50"
609 x 584 x 546 mm
26" x 26.75" x 41"
660 x 679 x 1041 mm
$ 8,090
35.25" x 23" x 21.50"
895 x 584 x 546 mm
36.50" x 26.75" x 41"
927 x 679 x 1041 mm
$ 8,960
47.25" x 23" x 21.50"
1200 x 584 x 546 mm
48.50" x 26.75" x 41"
1232 x 679 x 1041 mm
$ 9,270
59.25" x 23" x 21.50"
1505 x 584 x 546 mm
60.50" x 26.75" x 41"
1537 x 679 x 1041 mm
$ 10,000

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VBE Series Vented Balance Enclosure Catalog

Vented Balance Enclosure Buyer’s Guide

To download Operational Manual, visit our Technical Support Center

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