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Yamato WG Series Auto Still Lab Water Purifier



Yamato’s Auto Still multi-purpose water purifiers come standard with water intake membrane filters to increase the life span of all consumables and a 30L(WG251) or 100L (WG1001) large storage tank capacity. The standard equipped membrane filters at feeding port protect pure water production from contamination. The WG series produces ASTM deionized water type 1 and type 2 distilled water kept in a 30L or 100L storage tank.


  • Pre-treatment cartridge removes bacteria, trihalomethane, residual chlorine, organic and dust
  • High performance ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S, 4L) achieves high purity water with low electric conductivity and TOC
  • Multi-functional control and display panel
  • Standard equipped with membrane filter at water feeding port
  • Large distilled water tank with capacity of 30L (WG251) and 100L (WG1001)
  • Easy to use slide out type water sampling tray with drainage eliminates concerns about overflowing water discharge
Water purifying methodIon exchange→Distillation→Filtration
Water feedingOne-touch coupler connecting resin hose / free hose connecting
Water drain methodLeft / right selection connecting / hose connecting
Purified waterDeionized water and distilled water
Distilled water production~1.5L/h~5L/h
Distilled water delivery rate0.5~1L/min
Deionized water delivery rate0.5~1L/min
Range of production0.1~30L / continuous water collection0.1~100L / continuous water collection
CondenserHard glass
HeaterCeramic heater 1.2kWCeramic heater 1.9kW x 2
Pre-treatment cartridge0.1µm hollow fiber + activated carbon (PWF-1)
Ion-exchange resin cartridgeCPC-S 4L x 1pc. (activated carbon high-purity cartridge)CPC-S 4L x 2pcs.(activated carbon high-purity cartridge)
Final filtration0.1µm membrane filter x 2
Leakage detectionWater leakage detector forcefully shuts off feed water solenoid valve when water leakage detected
Distilled water tank capacity30L polyethylene tank100L polyethylene tank
Distilled water UV sterilizationOptional
Water sampling traySlide out type, load-bearing capacity 10kg, for 5L beakerSlide out type, load-bearing capacity 20kg, for 10L tank
Multi-purpose distilled water sampling portRight side of main unit
Water level sensorLead switch, five level detection
Raw water pressure range0.5~5 x 100kPa (0.5~5kgf/cm²)
Power source (50/60 Hz)AC115V 11A / AC220V 6AAC220V 18A
External dimension*¹W600 x D660 x H980mmW600 x D660 x 1850mm
Water level displayLED display
Water quality displayDigital (conductivity or resistivity)
Other displayReplacement of consumable parts (ion-exchange resin cartridge, pre-treatment cartridge, UV sterilizing lamp*², membrane filter), error message, log of consumables replacement (20 logs each), error log, Japanese or English display, maintenance requirement display
Included accessoriesFeed /drain water hose, connecting hose assembly, cleaning agent, preprocess cartridge, ion-exchange resin cartridge, membrane filter, hose clamp, seal tape

*1. Protrusions not included
*2. Optional

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Water Purifier Overview

WG251/1001 Catalog

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