Essential for general heating routines — from drying food samples to curing microchips, a lab oven is one of the fundamental instruments every laboratory should have. With technological advancements and growing demands from different applications, these laboratory ovens have evolved from being solely utilized by scientific labs to meeting heating requirements of various industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation, technology, and forensics to name a few.

Following our mission of innovating science and providing cutting-edge technology, Yamato Scientific America carries a wide inventory of laboratory ovens and industrial ovens, catering to basic research needs as well as the most sophisticated heating and drying application requirements. Wanna learn more? Read our free lab oven buyer’s guide!

Whether in search for vacuum ovens, natural convection ovens, forced convection ovens, or clean ovens, Yamato has a unit suitable for you. Nothing short of exemplary customer service, we can even customize a unit for your specific needs.

Gentle Heating with Yamato Natural Convection Ovens

Perfect for simple baking, drying, curing, and conditioning, Yamato’s Natural Convection Ovens present the simplest and most economical system. Also known as gravity convection ovens, these are ideal when you want to process powders and other products that may be disturbed by forced air. Natural convection ovens are often used when chamber temperature uniformity is not critical.

Browse our selection of economical ovens, programmable natural convection ovens, as well as glassware drying ovens ideal for daily heating tasks.

Constant Temperature Heating with Yamato Forced Convection Ovens

Forced convection ovens incorporate a fan to create vertical or horizontal airflow patterns best for samples that air may pass vertically through or around. Yamato’s forced convection ovens offer unparalleled consistency when it comes to air distribution within the chamber. Discover forced convection ovens best for applications dealing with multiple samples that require precise temperature uniformity as well as samples with high moisture content. Choose from basic and economical heating ovens, energy-efficient programmable forced convection ovens, air velocity controllable heat ovens, and more.

High Airflow Volume Heating with Yamato Fine Ovens

Work on temperature characteristic tests and high throughput applications with Yamato’s line of high performance and programmable laboratory fine ovens. Find industrial ovens and laboratory fine ovens offering precise temperature stability perfect for large-scale heating applications that require advanced programming. These ovens are designed and constructed for long, hard, and continuous use.

Quick and Gentle Drying at Elevated Temperatures with Yamato Vacuum Ovens

Heavy-duty and complete with enhanced safety features, Yamato’s vacuum ovens are perfect for intricate drying activities, moisture determination, material testing, hardening of polymers and compound materials, and more. Using vacuum ovens is a safe and gentle method of drying materials that would be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures. Get what you exactly need with our inventory of benchtop vacuum ovens, large scale vacuum ovens, and industrial vacuum ovens.

High Temperature Heating Without Oxidation with Yamato Inert Ovens

Ensure effective heating while protecting samples from oxidation with Yamato’s selection of Inert Gas Ovens. Confidently work on temperature tests and heat treatments in a non-oxidizing environment with our robust and simple-to-operate inert gas ovens that supply controllable and non-flammable N2 within the chamber.

Forced Convection Heating for Healthcare Industries with Yamato Cleanroom Ovens

Work on high temperature clean room activities including sterilizing, annealing, curing and coating, polymerizing, drying, and more with Yamato’s clean room ovens. These space-saving and large capacity ovens feature advanced temperature control and uniformity, making them highly in-demand in pharmaceutical settings, clinical workrooms, and applications requiring a dust-free environment.