Pure Line Water Purification System

Pure water at a low cost.

Your lab should have a steady supply of pure water, but it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. With Yamato’s Pure Line Water Purification Systems, you can continuously produce deionized water at a low cost.

Pure Line Water Purification Systems come in three intelligently designed models:

  • The benchtop water purification system, WE200.
  • The standard water purification system, WL200/220/220T,
  • The standalone cartridge-type water purification system, WL100.

The WE200 is a benchtop water purification system with an integrated Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane cartridge, which prolongs your consumables’ life. That means you can expect that your unit will perform excellently in the lab as it should. Not only that, but WE200 also comes with membrane filters. These add another layer of protection for your pure water against contamination.

Our standard water purification system, WL200/220/220T, will make your life easier. These water purification systems are compact and benchtop units. You can connect them directly to tap water, so you can continuously produce deionized water with no delays. All the models in this series also come with an anti-water leakage system. In case of a water leak, the solenoid valve will immediately shut down.

The WL100, our standalone cartridge-type water purification system, may be small, but its performance is anything but delicate. You can easily connect this water purifier to a faucet and collect large amounts of deionized water. It’s also effortless to check for quality since it has a built-in voltage circuit in its water quality meter.

Whichever Pure Line Water Purification System model you choose, you can be sure to get a consistent supply of pure water—without compromising your lab budget.

Best features of Auto Still Water Purification Systems

Benchtop Water Purification System – WE200

  • Space-saving
  • Lower running cost
  • Easy to operate digital display
  • Produces Type I deionized water
  • Suitable for high sensitivity trace analysis
  • Universal power supply: works with 100-240VAC
  • No-hassle water sampling by attaching to a water faucet
  • Anti-contamination water production using a membrane filter
  • Displays replacement of consumables and its exchange history
  • Zero-leakage from the electromagnetic valve at sampling water port
  • Longer life for consumables because of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane cartridge set

Water Purification System  WL Series – WL200/220/220T

  • Space-saving
  • Displays replacement of consumables
  • Easy to operate because of the digital display
  • Produces Type II deionized water suitable for trace analysis
  • Standard equipped with a membrane filter (WL200 and WL220)
  • No-fuss collection of deionized water, as simple as connecting to a faucet
  • WL220T has constant temperature control and a 3L pure water tank. It also delivers deionized water to the pure water tank through the electromagnetic valve.
  • Zero-leakage because of the solenoid valve at the water sampling preventing leaks from the final membrane filter.

Economical Water Purification System WL100

  • Easy to maintain
  • No AC power supply needed
  • Least impurity elution from polyethylene cartridge
  • Easily collects large amounts of deionized water with stand-alone cartridge design
  • No-fuss checking of water quality through the water quality meter’s built-in voltage circuit


Type I water

Required and recommended for:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Endotoxin analysis
  • Ion chromatography
  • Genetic Sequencing
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • HPLC, GC, or ICP-MS

Type II

  • Reagent preparation/Microanalysis
  • General chemical analysis
  • Noncritical solution preparation

Lab Water Purification Systems

Solutions are sensitive to contaminants, so any imbalance in the mixture invalidates the results of your experiment. Impure water contains contaminants that pose risks. As a result, water should undergo a purification process to reach a certain level of purity. Our lab water purification systems here at Yamato can help you produce ASTM Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 water quality. Besides that, our lab water purification systems can help you with the following applications:

Buffers and reagents

A buffer corrects the pH level of any solution. On the other hand, a reagent stimulates a reaction to detect the absence or presence of other substances. Both solutions are prepared by dissolving solid reagents in pure water that are free from any substances that affect the acidity or pH level of the solutions.

Since water is a major solvent involved in creating these solutions, a deionized water system for laboratories is necessary to produce water with high levels of purity. The Yamato Auto Pure WA300 series water purification systems can remove dissolved minerals through high-purity ion exchange resins to process high-quality pure water, which is ideal for preparing both solutions.

Cell culture

Normal water contains compounds that affect cell culture which includes bacteria, endotoxin, organic ions, and organic compounds. These contaminants can cause chemical reactions, changes in pH levels, and disrupt or kill various cells.

Moreover, water is also used in producing buffers and rinsing bioreactors and other materials. Therefore, producing laboratory grade water is necessary. This is usually achieved using Yamato Auto Pure WB300 series water purification systems. These units are great in removing bacteria and particulates to reach type 1 water quality, the highest level of purity in water.

Reverse osmosis

In order to make Type 1 or Type 2 water, feed water quality is important. Reverse osmosis is used as pretreatment of raw water just before feeding it to water purifiers which can produce Type1 or Type 2 water.


Traditional method of producing purified water is distillation, which is the process of separating liquid mixtures through condensation. Academia and certain applications require the heat treated distilled water. Yamato Auto Still series water purifiers can produce distilled water.