Mini Rotary Evaporators

Other manufacturers don’t give your lab the precision you need to do your best work.

If you’re in process development, method development, or doing basic R&D, most rotovaps on the market aren’t actually built for you.

Most rotary evaporators are built to help you follow a recipe. So what if your job is testing new recipes?

Yamato rotary evaporators are built specifically for process development, and can naturally be used in applications where other lab-scale rotary evaporators are.

What makes them best mini rotary evaporators for process development?

Features that give you more control as you explore.
  • You can test your process with a greater range of speeds than any other rotovaps on the market. With a rotation as gentle as 5 rpms or as aggressive as 315 rpms.
  • You can program your test method or SOP into the system and walk away. Rotate forward at 5 rpms for 30 seconds. Reverse at 10 rpms for 30 seconds. Repeat for 40 minutes.
  • You get more detailed information in real time on your display, so it’s easy to track what you’re doing at a glance.

What do current users say?

“We built our process by experimenting with three of these mini rotary evaporators units positioned inside a type b fume hood. The footprint was smaller than anything else we could find with similar capabilities.”

Sarah Leonard, Lab Technician

“There were frustrating limitations with our familiar brands in the lab, so we invested in one Yamato rotovap for a new project. We’ll be investing in 3 more over the next 2 years.”

Mike Marzoukis, Research Project Manager

“The wide rotation range is useful for my work, where the usual low end of 20 rotations per minute isn’t sufficiently slow.”

Sandeep Bansal, Senior Research Scientist

How do other mini rotary evaporators compare?

Most other manufacturers don’t offer the precision you need.

Make your process more efficient

Program your test method or SOP into the mini rotary evaporator and walk away to prep or observe other work.

Programming ramps or other processes saves hours of process micromanagement every week.

An example of that might be…

Making it easier to remove residual solids after distillation

Set your rotary evaporator to create dry granules rather than a large chunk of residual solids by automating direction and rotation speed changes.

This process could look something like…

  • Set rotation speed to 15 rpms and forward rotation for 15 seconds
  • Rotate reverse at 10 rpms for 15 seconds
  • Repeat for 40 minutes
  • Finish with 2 minutes rotation at 5 rpms

Residual solids after distillation

It takes about 20 seconds to program and saves hours of process micromanagement. And it makes removing your residual solids 10X easier.

Get everything you need in one location

  • Your rotary evaporator
  • Your water bath
  • Your water circulator
  • Your vacuum pump

“It was an easy purchase. The price was about 20% better than any other quote I received, and the quality is equal to our existing system from another manufacturer. I’m surprised I don’t see more Yamato equipment in labs around campus.”

Linda Earle, Chemistry Lab Director

Does precision matter to you?

The big name rotary evaporator manufacturers don’t give you the precision you need.

And they put a strain on your budget.

Someone in your lab cares how far that budget stretches.

Get the precision you need at a cost that puts a smile on your manager’s face.