Evaporadores rotativos

Create the purest products, eliminate unwanted materials, and scale your production with ease. Use our top-of-the-line rotary evaporators. Yamato Scientific can provide your laboratory with two kinds of powerful rotavaps: Basic & Economical e Highly Functional & Programmable.

Both of these high-caliber rotary evaporators are widely used in natural herb extract productions, high-end restaurants, and chemical, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Each rotavap series is crafted with quality glassware sets and condensers for gentle, non-invasive solvent removal. Every unit also comes with features and add-ons that suit the unique demands of your applications. Wanna learn more? Read our free rotary evaporator buyer’s guide!

Our Basic & Economical Rotary evaporators are more than equipped for general applications. RE201/211, RE202-A/212-A, and RE301 series come with features that will give you more freedom and flexibility in your workflow.

Our Highly Functional & Programmable rotary evaporators, meanwhile, will give you more convenience and unparalleled performance in a fast-paced environment. The RE601 and RE801 series are standard equipped with motorized lift, vacuum regulator and vapor temperature display function. The RE 801 series, particularly, has fully automated distillation and continuous bath control, which will be beneficial for your growing production.