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Refurbished Yamato Scientific Units – Special Offer

Yamato Scientific America offers reliable refurbished laboratory units including laboratory ovens and steam sterilizers. These refurbished units have been tested to meet the highest quality standards. Valid until supplies last.

Lab Oven

DP300 – Compact Vacuum Oven

Designed with advanced functionality, safety and high accuracy controller system capable of attaining accuracy in high temperature.

Capacity: 27L
Temperature Range:
40˚C to 240˚C
Power Source: 115V

Lab Sterilizer

SM820 – Large Capacity Steam Sterilizer with Dryer

Large capacity, high performance sterilizer for fully automatic sterilization and drying, designed with interactive touch screen.

Capacity: 80L
Temperature Range:
105˚C to 135˚C Sterilizing
135˚C to 150˚C Drying
Power Source: 115V

Muffle Furnace

FO100CR – Muffle Furnace with Communication Port

Standard muffle furnace designed with energy-saving ceramic fiber, an iron-chrome wire heater, and tightly sealed door.

Capacity: 1.5L
Temperature Range:
100˚C to 1150˚C
Power Source: 115V

Cold Trap

CA800 – Cold Trap

A worry-free system that efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances to protect vacuum pumps.

Capacity: 4L
Temperature Range:
Room temp. - 80˚C
Power Source: 115V

Water Bath

BH401 – Precision Constant Temperature Water Bath

Programmable benchtop water bath equipped with high performance controller for higher precision and wider temperature range

Capacity: 13L (liquid 10L)
Temperature Range:
Room temp. + 15˚C ~ 100˚C
Power Source: 115V