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Refurbished Yamato Scientific Units – Special Offer

Yamato Scientific America offers reliable refurbished laboratory units including laboratory ovens, steam sterilizers, and spray dryers. These refurbished units have been tested to meet the highest quality standards. Valid until supplies last.

Refurbished Lab Ovens

DX402C - Economical Natural Convection Oven

The DX402 is a standard type natural convection constant temperature drying oven with extensive features and simple operation

Capacity: 74L
Temperature Range: Room temp. +5˚C~300˚C
Power Source: 115V

DKN612C - Programmable Forced Convection Oven

The DKN612C is a programmable forced convection constant temperature oven with extended functions and safety features

Capacity: 150L
Temperature Range: Room temp. +10˚C~260˚C
Power Source: 220V

DP63C Large Capacity Vacuum Oven

The DP63C is a large capacity programmable vacuum oven equipped with interactive key input and high precision functions.

Capacity: 216L
Temperature Range: 40˚C-200˚C
Power Source: 220V

Refurbished Lab Sterilizer

SM301 Standard Steam Sterilizer with Dryer

The SM301 provides high performance, fully automatic sterilization from start to finish with high pressure steam sterilization and drying steps.

Capacity: 32L
Temperature Range:
105˚C~128˚C Sterilizing
150˚C~180°C Drying
Power Source: 115V