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Special Deals From Yamato Scientific America

Secure huge savings and increase your lab value with Yamato’s featured laboratory equipment offered at a special price. Find high quality and premium rotary evaporator, analyzer, shakers, and stirrers at reduced prices.

Forced Convection Oven Special Deals

DKN-602C Forced Convection Oven

DKN-620C Forced Convection Oven is designed with 2 exhaust vents located on top of the unit, we can modify this exhaust system by customizing it with either a double duct or butterfly duct.


Circulation Method: Forced air circulation

Operating Temp. Range: Room temp. +10˚C~260˚C

Temp. Distribution Accuracy: ±2.5˚C (at 210˚C)

Max. Temp. Reaching Time: ~90 min.

Heater: SUS pipe heater/1.5kW

Fan Type / Fan Motor: Scirocco fan, Condenser type motor 10W

Exhaust Port: 30mm I.D. x 2 (on top)

Observation Window: 250 x 280mm Chemical strengthening glass x 3

Power Source: 115V, 12.5A, 50/60Hz

Option 1

DKN602C + Double Duct

Creates quick and strong vent action which eliminates condensation and overheating in the chamber.

Option 2

DKN602C + Butterfly Duct

Can be used for controlling or regulating flow with a full open and fully closed option.

Laboratory Stirrers Special Deals

LT-400BA Stirrer


Viscosity of sample: Medium

Speed range: 15~600rpm

Torque: 0.5N•m (5.0kgf•cm)

Motor: DC brushless motor 30W

Speed control: Feedback control

Panel display: Digital speed display, Overload display, Torque indicator (20% gradation)

Chuck: ø8mm drill chuck

External dimensions: W146 x D154 x H165mm

Power source: AC100V~AC125V 50/60Hz

Weight: 2.4kg (main unit)

Included Accessories: Stand & Rod, Stainless Steel stirring shaft, 60mm 4-blade propeller

LR-500AA Stirrer


Speed range: 34~340rpm

Max Torque: 1.96/N•m (20/kgf•cm)

Display of speed / torque: Digital, 3-digit / Green LED, 2 Steps + Overload Display

Motor: DC brushless motor 70W

Speed control: Speed Feed-back Control

Safety device: Stop when overloading

Stirring function / shaft dia: Gearless Direct Drive Type / ϕ10mm

Power source: AC100 -125V, 50/60Hz, 3A

Included Accessories: Stand & Rod, Stainless Steel stirring shaft, 75mm 4-blade propeller