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Drying Ovens

DKN Series forced convection ovens have high level of air circulation, accuracy and uniformity.


Ergonomically designed, SM Series sterilizers are vertical, compact and space saving.

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Refrigerated Incubators

Low temperature incubators, IN Series with option for observation window and internal shaker power connector.

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Rotary Evaporators

Built with a robust frame, RE Series rotary evaporators are incredibly reliable, highly functional and extremely durable.

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Spray Dryers

Compact and economical ADL spray dryer can be connected to GAS410 to create an inert sealed circulation system.

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Featured Product

Yamato New Rotary Evaporator

FACT: A rotary evaporator is an essential piece of equipment in research centers and laboratories.
FACT: Yamato’s rotary evaporator, RE Series, is known for its reliability, versatility and affordability. 
FACT: Yamato Scientific has a new baby!

In August, YSA will introduce its newest model to the Rotary Evaporator portfolio — welcome RE202!  Yamato’s highly efficient standard rotary evaporator with enhanced features guaranteed to improve performance.  Definitely an upgrade from the existing RE201 model.

Let’s talk about its new features!
1 Yes, it can switch! With its set inversion function, glassware and bath can be set on either side, left or right, depending on user’s dominant hand and installation location.

2 Market-leading rotation speed range of 5~315 rpm, 35 rpm better than its closest competitor’s entry level model.  Furthermore, it can run at low speed, starting at 5 rpm.

3 Standard equipped with a condenser insulation kit to suppress condensation on the surface of the condenser

4 Uniquely designed condensers Type A (diagonal) and B (vertical) which prevent liquid stagnation and back flow

5 Integration of a servo type motor with a strong high torque resulting to stable rotation even with large capacity flasks

6 Adoption of a new easy to lock and rotate slide jack mechanism.  Its 200mm jack stroke leaves room for large capacity flasks and allows more space between bath and flask.

7 Organized wiring is achieved as cables can be stored neatly and simply inside the power box located at the back of the main unit, an important consideration when unit is placed inside a laboratory bench or fume hood

All these features and more in the new RE202!  Coming soon!


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