Reduce the chance a new incubator will dry out your samples.

Automate incubation and maintain tight quality control over sample conditions. You don’t always need a ton of rich features. You need the right features to work in your application. Get your free quote today.

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Enjoy effortless steam sterilization and drying with our large capacity, high performance, fully automatic steam sterilizers.

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Choose from a wide selection of compact glove boxes and top-grade anerobic chambers.

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Our best-selling programmable lab oven provides superior temperature accuracy with easy control capabilities and advanced safety features.

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40 years as a leading scientific lab equipment provider in the United States.

All products come with a 1 year warranty

Every product is made through environmentally conscious methods and remains eco-friendly all throughout its life cycle.

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The Auto Pure Series, Yamato’s Ultrapure Water Purification System

What makes this line stand out?

1. All models, cartridges, and other accessories are made fresh in the USA. They won’t dry out or degrade over time like lower-quality products.


2. The cartridge is twice as large as other brands at ⅓ the cost.


3. Designed with a built-in internal leak detector that triggers an alarm and automatically shuts down the system, eliminating the possibility of flooding.


4. Cartridges can be done in-house by any technician. There are no service contracts that increase your true operating cost.


Book an onsite demo today and a product specialist will come to your site with a Yamato Auto Pure Water Purification System. It’s a chance for you to see the actual cost savings your lab can achieve by making ultrapure water in-house for your buffers and reagents.


Our customer service team is ready to assist you with product selection advice, sales estimates, replacement parts, accessories, customization, product literature, and more. To check status of a current order, contact the Customer Service team.

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