Reduce the chance a new incubator will dry out your samples.

Automate incubation and maintain tight quality control over sample conditions. You don’t always need a ton of rich features. You need the right features to work in your application. Get your free quote today.

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A lot depends on your vaccine storage freezer doing its job. Our low and ultra-low temperature freezers have the temperature stability you need and the security you want. Get your quote within 1 business day.


Enjoy effortless steam sterilization and drying with our large capacity, high performance, fully automatic steam sterilizers.

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Freezers & Refrigerators

Choose from a wide selection of laboratory freezers and refrigerators for vaccine storage.

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Drying Ovens

Our best-selling programmable lab oven provides superior temperature accuracy with easy control capabilities and advanced safety features.

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36 years as a leading scientific lab equipment provider in the United States.

All products come with a 1 year warranty

Every product is made through environmentally conscious methods and remains eco-friendly all throughout its life cycle.

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Workstations, Glove Boxes & Enclosures 

Introducing Yamato Scientific America’s newest products — PCR Workstations, Glove Boxes and Balance Enclosures.

1 PCR Series PCR Workstations: “still air enclosures” to help improve accuracy of PCR and general tissue culture procedures

    • Fluorescent and UV germicidal system that decontaminates exposed surfaces in the interior
    • Small H.E.P.A. filter rated at 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns
    • Front viewing panel made of .500” (13 mm) thick optically clear material effective against 32P labeled compounds and beta rays
    • Sides and back wall are one piece made of .375” (9.5 mm) thick acrylic for long term rigidity, durability, and protection.

2 AC Series Anaerobic Chambers:  glove boxes to control atmosphere when working with oxygen sensitive materials 

    • Ready to use complete system.  No installation required; no additional accessories needed
    • “Bright Light” system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee)
    • If trace amounts of oxygen happen to enter the main chamber, catalyst heater reduces it to water vapor
    • Option for manual or automatic purging of glove box

3 VBE Series Balance Enclosures: self-contained laboratory units ideal for fine powders, chemicals and biological products

    • Top mounted HEPA/Blower filtration system with low vibration
    • Variable speed blower & airflow monitor w/ audio & visual alarms
    • Black phenolic base allows easy powder detection, provides higher analytical balance stabilization


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