Auto Still Water Purifying Equipment

Multipurpose & conventional

Don’t let a mediocre machine stop you from getting the results you want. Avoid delays and unnecessary setbacks inyour assays with our Auto Still Water Purifiers.The models in this line are multipurpose and conventional, perfect for an increasingly busy facility like yours.They have varying features, sizes, and water purifying methods, so you can produce your desired water type—free fromthe inconveniences holding you back.We have four main models in this line:

  • High-Class Auto Still Water Purifiers – WG251/1001
  • Small Capacity Water Purifier – WG204
  • Large Capacity Water Purifiers – WA511/711/731
  • Compact Water Purifiers – WS201/221

As its name suggests, our high-class auto still water purifiers can add a sense of completion and security to yourfacility. These units can produce distilled and deionized water all day for washing water, general chemicalanalysis, reagent preparation, and high sensitivity microanalysis—all that without taking much space in your lab.They are available in either 30L or 100L storage tanks.Want a compact unit? You will love our small-capacity water purifier. Despite its compact size, it can supply youwith Type I deionized and Type II distilled water in a 20L storage tank. It even reminds you if you need to replacethe consumables.Our large capacity water purifiers are nothing but reliable for a bustling facility. You will not quickly run out ofType I deionized and Type IV distilled water, as these purifiers store pure water in 100L storage tanks. They arealso fully automated—they don’t need micromanagement. You can proceed to work on your other tasks, as they do theheavy work in the background.Meanwhile, our compact water purifiers are the perfect fit for a small facility that needs distilled water forwashing instruments. Besides being sleek, you can feel secure with these water purifiers’ splash prevention design.This feature guarantees that no chemical impurities will mix with your water supply.

With their functionality and well-thought designs, our Auto Still Water Purifiers willnever set you a few steps back in your tasks.

Best features of Auto Still Water Purifiers

High-Class Auto Still WaterPurifier – WG251/1001

  • Panel de control y pantalla multifuncional
  • Has a membrane filter at the water feeding port
  • Produces Type I deionized and Type IV distilled water
  • Large distilled water tank with a capacity of 30L (WG251) and 100L (WG1001)
  • No overflowing water discharge because of easy-to-use slide-out type water sampling tray with drainage
  • El cartucho de pretratamiento elimina bacterias, trihalometano, cloro residual, orgánico y polvo.
  • High-performance ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S, 4L) achieves high purity water with low electricconductivity and TOC

SmallCapacity Water Purifier – WG204

  • Large distilled water tank with a 20L capacity
  • Has feed and drain water connectors on both sides
  • Produces Type I deionized and Type II distilled water
  • Easy-to-read display of replacement of consumables
  • El cartucho de pretratamiento elimina bacterias, trihalometano, cloro residual, orgánico y polvo.
  • High-performance ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S, 4L) brings high purity water with low electricconductivity and TOC
  • Optional membrane filter at the water sampling port

LargeCapacity Water Purifier – WA511/711/731

  • No-fuss replacing of ion-exchange resin cartridge
  • Easy-to-read digital display of the operation status
  • Produces Type I deionized and Type IV distilled water
  • Collects large volumes of distilled and deionized water, with a tank capacity of 100L
  • High-performance pretreatment cartridge (activated charcoal + 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane) for high-qualitywater
  • Anti-contamination through the 0.1μm hollow fiber membrane filter at water sampling ports
  • Low-cost method from distillation to ion exchange by selecting optional CPC-N ion exchange resin cartridge (A3 /Type 3 level)
  • Has high-performance safety devices like power leakage breaker, water leakage sensor, and water pressurereduction valve.
  • Optional water softener cartridge and UV lamp for sterilization

Compact WaterPurifier – WS201/221

  • Space-saving
  • Produces Type IV distilled water
  • Large distilled water tank with a 20L capacity
  • Splash prevention design results in a stable water quality
  • Standard functions include empty boiling prevention and overheat prevention


Type I water

Required and recommended for:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Endotoxin analysis
  • Ion chromatography
  • Genetic Sequencing
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • HPLC, GC, or ICP-MS

Type II

  • Reagent preparation/Microanalysis
  • General chemical analysis
  • Noncritical solution preparation

Type IV

  • Washing water for glassware and autoclaves

Purificadores de agua de laboratorio

Solutions are sensitive to contaminants, so any imbalance in the mixture invalidates the results of your experiment. Impure water contains contaminants that pose risks. As a result, water should undergo a purification process to reach a certain level of purity. Our lab water purifiers here at Yamato can help you produce ASTM Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 water quality. Besides that, our lab water purifiers can help you with the following applications:

Buffers and reagents

A buffer corrects the pH level of any solution. On the other hand, a reagent stimulates a reaction to detect the absence or presence of other substances. Both solutions are prepared by dissolving solid reagents in pure water that are free from any substances that affect the acidity or pH level of the solutions.

Since water is a major solvent involved in creating these solutions, a deionized water system for laboratories is necessary to produce water with high levels of purity. The Yamato Auto Pure WA300 series water purifiers can remove dissolved minerals through high-purity ion exchange resins to process high-quality pure water, which is ideal for preparing both solutions.

Cell culture

Normal water contains compounds that affect cell culture which includes bacteria, endotoxin, organic ions, and organic compounds. These contaminants can cause chemical reactions, changes in pH levels, and disrupt or kill various cells.

Moreover, water is also used in producing buffers and rinsing bioreactors and other materials. Therefore, producing laboratory grade water is necessary. This is usually achieved using Yamato Auto Pure WB300 series water purifiers. These units are great in removing bacteria and particulates to reach type 1 water quality, the highest level of purity in water.

Reverse osmosis

In order to make Type 1 or Type 2 water, feed water quality is important. Reverse osmosis is used as pretreatment of raw water just before feeding it to water purifiers which can produce Type1 or Type 2 water.


Traditional method of producing purified water is distillation, which is the process of separating liquid mixtures through condensation. Academia and certain applications require the heat treated distilled water. Yamato Auto Still series water purifiers can produce distilled water.