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Lab Spray Dryers

Yamato Scientific carries highly advanced laboratory spray drying systems offered in compact, versatile, and large capacity units. Each innovatively engineered to meet essential spray drying needs, our selection of spray dryers cover a vast range of applications for food, pharmaceutical, industrial, and other industries. Through years of valuable experience and outstanding R&D, Yamato continues to provide globally competitive spray drying equipment that delivers high-yield powders and impressive spray drying solutions.

If you’re looking for spray drying units, we have general laboratory spray drying and spray granulating units such as the ADL311SA, GB210A, GB210B, and DL410 to help you perform unparalleled production of stellar dried powder. We also have GAS410 organic solvent recovery unit for samples requiring organic based solutions.

Acquire the best spray dryer for your application through proper sample evaluation. Download our “Sample Determination for Spray Drying Guide” and get a hold on:
  • Guide questions on properly evaluating your samples.
  • Information on identifying the spray drying unit compatible with your feed formula.
  • A feature-by-feature product comparison of Yamato’s full line of spray drying equipment.
  • Information on how you can get free spray dryer consultations.

Compact & Economical Lab Spray Drying Equipment

The ADL311SA spray dryer is a compact and economical spray drying unit that efficiently micronizes liquid samples into powder. This spray drying unit is highly mobile on wheels and can also be used as a bench top unit.

Versatile Mini Spray Dryer

The GB210A spray drying unit is versatile and compact ideal for performing a range of applications from preliminary experiments in a pilot plant to drying work in general laboratories

Versatile Granulation Spray Dryer

The GB210B spray dryer is integrated with fluid bed drying granulator used for granulating powders and drying moist powder.

Large Capacity Spray Dryer

The DL410 spray dryer is a large capacity laboratory spray dryer that produces excellent fine particles ranging from 1 to 100μm

Organic Solvent Recovery Unit

The GAS410 organic solvent recovery unit is used for spray drying applications requiring organic based solvent solutions.

Organic Solvent Washing Unit

The GWS410 is the world’s first water-based solvent neutralizer designed primarily for spray dryer.  It traps contaminants in solvents by using tap water or alkaline solution at atmospheric pressure and room temperature.