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Laboratory Sterilizers

Yamato Scientific delivers a complete selection of cutting-edge steam sterilizers and autoclaves for laboratory use in the pharmaceutical, asceptic processing, and food industries. Yamato’s steam sterilizers bring a whole new level of steam sterilization performance with its line of Lab Sterilizers offered in basic, standard, and large-capacity systems. Yamato also offers Dry Sterilizers in natural & forced convection configurations. The Yamato autoclaves are packed with today’s most advanced sterilization technology to help achieve steam sterilization with ease and confidence.

With over 130 years of industry experience & note-worthy R&D, Yamato Scientific is one of the industry’s leading steam sterilizer manufacturers that provide autoclaves equipped to meet the simplest to toughest sterilization demands. All our steam sterilizer & autoclave equipment deliver a more refined workflow experience without sacrificing quality, making you rethink what steam sterilizers are capable of. Browse through the latest generation of Lab Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves offered in our SK steam sterilizer series, SN steam sterilizer series, SQ steam sterilizer series, SM steam sterilizer series, SK dry sterilizer series, and SI dry sterilizer series.

Lab Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves

Yamato Scientific showcases a comprehensive lineup of standard laboratory steam sterilizers & autoclaves. The SK Series features benchtop and compact models which are space saving. Its powerful 1500W pipe heater is ideal for a wide range of application. Thanks to the advanced built-in cooling fan of SN and SQ Series, Yamato's autoclave systems exhibit faster post-sterilization cooling times saving you time & effort. Engineered with an ergonomic design & intelligent programming, the SK benchtop & compact autoclaves, SN standard autoclaves, and SQ large capacity autoclaves from Yamato are the ultimate high-pressure steam sterilizers you can get for smoother sterilization operation.

Lab Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves With Dryer Systems

Yamato offers a selection of high-performing steam sterilizers with dryer available in standard & large capacity systems. For ultimate efficiency, the steam sterilizers are engineered with innovative, cooling technology that allows you to dry your samples quickly after sterilization so you can use the samples immediately after sterilizing them. The Yamato autoclaves with dryer also provide increased safety and functionality with their forced cooling and memory functions. Thanks to the more advanced features, functions, and capabilities, Yamato's SM standard steam sterilizer series & SM large capacity autoclaves take sterilization to the next level.

Lab Dry Heat Sterilizers

Yamato carries economical dry sterilizer units offered in natural-convection and forced-convection airflows with the SI & SK series dry sterilizer. Yamato's dry sterilizer equipment is non-corrosive and enables you to sterilize moisture-sensitive samples like powders, oils, and fat without damaging them. In addition, the Yamato dry-heat sterilizers are non-toxic, so you won't have to worry about harmful substances being discarded in the environment. Yamato dry sterilizer systems are easy to install and engineered with a streamlined ergonomic construction. With highly functional features & user-oriented design, the Yamato SK series forced dry sterilizers and SI natural dry sterilizers allow you to facilitate excellent sample sterilization while letting you save money with relatively lower maintenance and operational costs.